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What Factors Cause Cut Flowers to Die Faster Than Flowers Left on the Plant?
by demetris in Home & Garden
Flowers in all forms, whether adding color to a garden or brightening a room in a floral display, provide pleasure and gladden the senses. Every flower has a limited lifespan but some will lose petals and change form to create fruit while others will die only to return to bloom another time. However, once cut from their life-sustaining source, flowers have a limited and finite survival span, usual

How to Tell Female Flowers from Male Flowers on Pumpkin Plants
by adapar in Home & Garden
At first glance, it may appear that all of the flowers on your pumpkin plant are the same. A closer inspection reveals distinct differences between the female flowers and the male flowers. Pumpkin plants — and other “cucurbits,” such as melons, cucumbers and squash — have both female and male flowers. Being able to detect the differences will be especially important if you

Fake Flowers Versus Real Flowers
by CyberGreg in Home & Garden
Flowers add a touch of life and color to your home, regardless of whether they are real or fake. While real flowers are cut from the garden or purchased from a florist, fake flowers, also known as silk flowers, can be purchased from craft stores or specialty vendors. Both fake flowers and real flowers offer color and visual interest to your décor, both indoors and out, but consider their ad

If I Cut My Daisies & Let the Flowers Drop, Will It Grow More Flowers Too?
by ShifterMSK in Home & Garden
Daisies are usually perennial plants that will come back year after year on their own as long as the growing conditions are favorable. There are some that are annuals that must be planted anew each spring and many that are not winter hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones below zones 8 or 9. Those that are not hardy in the colder regions, are grown as annuals and re-planted

How to Make Dried Flowers From Fresh Flowers
by Japan in Home & Garden
Flowers often hold special memories when received from a loved one or during a certain event in your life, such as a wedding or the birth of a child. Many people choose to dry flowers that invoke such memories in order to display the beauty for years to come. Drying flowers is relatively easy and it is nice to see your bouquet on display rather than waiting for it to wilt and throw it out. If you

How to Tell Male Flowers From Female Flowers in Squash
by deom2i in Home & Garden
Squash plants have a monoecious flowering habit, meaning the plants produce separate male and female flowers. Flowers of both genders have similar coloring, but they differ in appearance. Male flowers often appear first on the vines. The edible flowers of both sexes are ready for harvest from the plants before the crop of fruits, providing an early garden treat. The female flower fades and drops a

Velvet Flowers Vs. Silk Flowers
by NAM TRON in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Fabric flowers as well as fabric folding, which is the Japanese art of Kanzashi, has influenced accessory and home décor manufacturers to venture using different fabric types for their floral designs. Velvet and silk flowers made into indoor floral arrangements, enhance the room’s space, and are simple to care for and maintain. Velvet FabricA soft hand fabric such as velvet is classi

How to Keep Earwigs Off Flowers Without Killing the Flowers
by Alexander Schuc in Home & Garden
It is hard to mistake an earwig infestation. As they crawl all over the flowers in your garden, their dark brown bodies and forked tails are conspicuous. So is the damage that they leave behind. The best way to keep earwigs off your flowers is to lay a few homemade traps. By luring the earwigs to their deaths, you can dispel them without applying noxious pesticides and potentially killing your flo

What Flowers Go With Daisy Flowers?
by snackie in Home & Garden
With over 2,413 species of Asteraceae -- the daisy family -- to choose from, infinite possibilities exist for flower beds, bouquets and centerpieces that incorporate daisies. The humble Shasta daisy's white petals and yellow center makes a backdrop for nearly any flower, while more exotic examples, such as the paddle-petaled Cape daisy or "whirlygig," whose deep purple centers create dramatic stat

Raising Flowers for Cut Flowers
by ferpaz in Home & Garden
A flower garden is beautiful, fresh and colorful when in bloom, and provides an outdoor gem for its gardeners. Many gardeners choose to leave their blooms on the bushes, while others tend their flower gardens specifically to produce the blooms and then bring them inside for decorative arrangements. Although you can cut any flower and bring it inside, the best flowers for vases are those with long

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