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How do I change the root folder of the Folder Browser object to a specific folder/path other than system folders?
by yhelothar in Programming Languages

This does not work:

fbFolderBrowser.RootFolder = @"C:A Folder I CreatedTest1";

When the user clicks the button, I want to have the above folder selected.

How would I go about doing this?

how to create folder and sub-folder in a document library in SharePoint 2010 automatically when creating and new folder?
by Tmf in Programming Languages

i'm new to SharePoint Server 2010 and i need to implement this scenario, i need to create a new product folder within a document library after this done sub-folders must be created within this folder with permissions, which means these sub-folders must have permissions to enable groups of users to view it for example or full control permissions.
is it possible to implement this scenario ?!

Creating folder in APPDATA folder on Windows XP (folder is read-only)
by Boyer C. in Programming Languages

In my Java app I find the APPDATA folder and then attempt to create my own subfolder:

if (System.getProperty("os.name").startsWith("Windows")) {
settingsDir = System.getenv("APPDATA") + "MyApp";
if (!(new File(settingsDir)).isDirectory()) {
if (!(new File(settingsDir)).getParentFile().mkdirs()) {
Error("Failed t

How to rename solution, solution folder, project folder, package/filter folder and vcxproj file in Visual Studio 2012
by Mike in Programming Languages

I've having problems doing any of these above with my game project. There are plenty of answer online already and I looked through all of them but they didn't work for me or having different scenario. Here is my situation:

This is what my solution looks like. I changed the project name from X-Power to Neo_Elements within the visual studio, whic

Can’t locate Local Publications folder under Replication folder in SQL Server 2005
by kodeninja in Databases

Can't locate Local Publications folder under Replication folder in SQL Server 2005. Replication components are installed. I am using SQL Server 2005 not express edition.

I just installed SQL Server 2005 with replication compoenents and right click on Replication folder, there I can see just 3 options. 1) Update Replication Password. 2) New -> Subscription. 3)Refresh

I ha

Batch process to move file having Date in YYYYMMDD format from one folder to another folder
by Venezuela in Programming Languages

I am able to move the files without taking date into consideration with the command: MOVE through Batch process.


But as my file contains date format and I need to move the files based on current date.

Can any linux API or tool watch for any change in any folder below e.g. /SharedRoot or do I have to setup e.g. inotify for each folder?
by NesuD in Development Tools & Services

I have a folder with ~10 000 subfolders.

Can any linux API or tool watch for any change in any folder below e.g. /SharedRoot or do I have to setup inotify for each folder? (i.e. I loose if I want to do this for 10k+ folders). I guess yes, since I've already seen examples of this inefficient method, for instance http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/browser/trunk/twisted/internet/inotify.py?

GoDaddy Shared Hosting block access to folder and contents but use the script within folder
by her209 in Programming Languages

Hope this is easy to solve as it making me feel rather silly.

i have a .com hosted o a shared windows server, my root. in my root i have my index.php and a folder called "admin".

All i am trying to do is use my index.php to greet visitors and block anybody from accesing, posting to and linking to any thing within my admin folder, whilst allo
i have tried .htaccess i

Cake php Sub Folder Installation, Temp folder errors from htaccess or file permissions?
by PatrickSimonHenk in PHP

My client has asked for a cake php app i've made for them to go into a sub directory on their existing server.
All works perfectly on my test remote and local installations.

Initially I had a problem with htaccess and had to add RewriteBase /quotesystem/ to my htaccess files in order to see the site at all. So I have changed my htaccess as below:

cake root .htacce

How can I make a folder in NSDocument directory where I can save all the photos and delete the data from same folder when I want?
by svn in Operating Systems

I have a tableView where for each cell I'm getting an image url string and I'm saving all data in the NSDocument directory.

I want to store all the data in folder made in the NSDocument directory and I also want to delete all the contents in that folder later. How to do it?

this is the method I'm using

(void)setThumbnailTo :(UITableViewCell *)cell withRef

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