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How do I change the root folder of the Folder Browser object to a specific folder/path other than system folders?
Category : Programming Languages

This does not work:

fbFolderBrowser.RootFolder = @"C:A Folder I CreatedTest1";

When the user clicks the button, I want to have the above folder selected.

How would I go about doing this?

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how to create folder and sub-folder in a document library in SharePoint 2010 automatically when creating and new folder?
Category : Programming Languages

i'm new to SharePoint Server 2010 and i need to implement this scenario, i need to create a new product folder within a document library after this done sub-folders must be created within this folder with permissions, which means these sub-folders must have permissions to enable groups of users to view it for example or full control permissions.
is it possible to implement this scenario ?!

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Creating folder in APPDATA folder on Windows XP (folder is read-only)
Category : Programming Languages

In my Java app I find the APPDATA folder and then attempt to create my own subfolder:

if (System.getProperty("os.name").startsWith("Windows")) {
settingsDir = System.getenv("APPDATA") + "MyApp";
if (!(new File(settingsDir)).isDirectory()) {
if (!(new File(settingsDir)).getParentFile().mkdirs()) {
Error("Failed t

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How to rename solution, solution folder, project folder, package/filter folder and vcxproj file in Visual Studio 2012
Category : Programming Languages

I've having problems doing any of these above with my game project. There are plenty of answer online already and I looked through all of them but they didn't work for me or having different scenario. Here is my situation:

This is what my solution looks like. I changed the project name from X-Power to Neo_Elements within the visual studio, whic

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How can I make a folder in NSDocument directory where I can save all the photos and delete the data from same folder when I want?
Category : Operating Systems

I have a tableView where for each cell I'm getting an image url string and I'm saving all data in the NSDocument directory.

I want to store all the data in folder made in the NSDocument directory and I also want to delete all the contents in that folder later. How to do it?

this is the method I'm using

(void)setThumbnailTo :(UITableViewCell *)cell withRef

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Mono on OSX returns a path for a symlink instead of the real folder when asking for the current user's TMP folder
Category : Programming Languages

I'm running a simple test here with an FSEvents based file system watcher and I have noticed that this code:


Will return a path under /var/folders/something-here. But when I setup the file system watcher all events are sent for folders at /private/var/folders/something-here (which is the right path, since

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.NET Windows service executes batch file from system32 folder not install folder
Category : Programming Languages

The code for the service is as follows

System.Diagnostics.Process proc = new System.Diagnostics.Process(); // Declare New Process
var arguments =
String.Format("--ip {0} --user {1} --passwd {2} --guest {3} --gpasswd {4} --action {5}",
controllerIPAddress, controllerUsername, controllerPassword,

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Cake php Sub Folder Installation, Temp folder errors from htaccess or file permissions?
Category : PHP

My client has asked for a cake php app i've made for them to go into a sub directory on their existing server.
All works perfectly on my test remote and local installations.

Initially I had a problem with htaccess and had to add RewriteBase /quotesystem/ to my htaccess files in order to see the site at all. So I have changed my htaccess as below:

cake root .htacce

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Any Solution for Obfuscation on android resource folder ,Asset folder contain HTML file
Category : Android

I am able to obfuscate the Android project using eclipse(java files). but android unable to obfuscate the resource files. e.g i have some html file in my asset folder and i want to make all those file obfuscated .

Please suggest for the same.

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How to remove a folder from VS2008 Source Control, keeping the local folder intact?
Category : Programming Languages

I have a working folder that's synced to a team server. I was wondering if there is a way to remove some of the subfolders (i.e., stop syncing them, and make them invisible to others), without actually deleting them on the local drive?

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