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How can the submit action on a form(<form></form>) be automatically fired when all input elements within this form are completed/filled?
by Alexander Schuc in Web Design

I want the submit action on a form() to be automatically fired when all input elements within this form are completed/filled. How to do it using ajax?

Can a modally opened form (i.e. form.ShowDialog method) listen for events on an underlying form/add-in that called it?
by nasy in Programming Languages

I'm writing an add-in for OutLook 2007 using vb.net 2010; the add-in places a new toolbar & buttons in the OutlookUI. One of these opens a form MODALLY.

However, the "ThisAddin" class which loads in Outlook has a number Outlook-sepcific variable declared "WithEvents", e.g. to watch for items added/removed from Outlook folders.

If I use form.show instead of form.sho

Drupal Form API: Create Form Elements based on the database values (Dynamic Form Creation)
by Traveling around the world in Web Design

I am creating a form where i have to populate "X" form elements (text-fields to be specific) based on values in the database (X number of elements, properties of each element etc). Is there a way to do this using the Drupal Form API or should i start from somewhere else.
I tried using a for() loop in the form generating function but this doesn't work. Please post you suggestions and any r

How to bind <form:input> to Calendar property of command object, specifing only year in jsp <form:form>
by Usman in Programming Languages

I have the following problem.

In my Spring MVC web application there is some class of command object with Calendar property.

public class TestBean {
private Calendar startDate;
//other properties
//setters and getters

In my JSP page I have form like below:

<form:form method="post" commandName="testBean">

If you attach an event to a form handler, and don't remove it, can the form and object be garbage collected when form closed?
by Timur Asaliev in Programming Languages

Here is scenario.

FormA loads.
ClassA is instantiated at the form class scope.
User does something that causes event ClassA.SomeEvent to be handled by method FormA.SomeEventHandler()
User closes FormA

Now what happens when the garbage collector makes its rounds?

Since FormA should be disposed, but a reference to it is made by ClassA.


Moving submit button and elements inside a form into another div outside the form stops the form from working
by WasntEnough in Web Design

I have a form which i want to display some of the input fields in a content div and some other fields in a sidebar div. only thing is that when i move some of the elements with javascript:

function moveElements() {


they move correctly but when i submit the form, nothing happen

Order of events 'Form.Load', 'Form.Shown' and 'Form.Activated' in Windows Forms
by knockout-2.0 in Programming Languages

What is the difference between form Form.Load, Form.Shown and Form.Activated events? What is the order in which they are fired?

python html form library that supports forms within form (form as a field )?
by CyberGreg in Programming Languages

The question says it all,

For example,

In a contact book if someone has multiple addresses with each address having multiple fields I want to display an "add another address" button. This button would add another address form. (I want one round trip to the server, I do not want javascript or webforms2.)

It would be nice if some built in library would suppor

jquery form $(“form”).submit() works but it does not work with given form id
by Naxxy in Programming Languages

It took me a while to extract this simple code from my huge form, please take a look at it:

<script type="text/javascript">
$("form #formcontact").submit(function(){
return false;
<form id="formcont

Creating a form with a duplicatable nested form inside of it :: A Complex Form Question
by jwyse in Programming Languages

I am making a self duplicating form. It can create multiple instances of itself.

The hiearchy is, an Organization has_many Referrals.

There should be no 'updating'. It should be only a 'create'.

My error is :

Unknown action
No action responded to update. Actions: create and new

My Form:


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