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The Effects of Foster Parenting on the Biological Children of Foster Parents
by keyed in Parenting
Foster children face many difficulties when they are forced to integrate into a new family, but the family itself faces many other obstacles. The biological children of the foster parents are most sensitive to the many changes that the family faces, including having to share their parents' time and focus. Proper preparation is important, but there is almost no way to fully prepare a child for what

What Is the Average Pay for a Foster Parent to Foster a Child in Florida?
by Robby in Personal Finance
The perception that foster parents in the state of Florida receive a paycheck or salary is mistaken. However, the state of Florida compensates and reimburses foster parents in the form of care maintenance payments. Foster parents receive monthly checks from the Florida Department of Children & Families (FDCF) based on the age of the child. These payments offset, to varying degrees, the expense

Can Foster Parents Claim Foster Kids?
by Madmick in Personal Finance
The qualifying child rules dictate which kids you can claim as dependents on your tax return. The IRS limits eligibility to a number of relationships that must exist between the taxpayer and the dependent. And although the IRS includes your foster kids as one of the permissible relationships, this is just one of many requirements you must satisfy to claim their dependency exemptions. Qualifying

Conflicts Between Foster Parents & Foster Children
by Stuka in Parenting
Foster parents accept children whose parents cannot safely care for the children into their homes and raise them with an ultimate goal of the children's returning to their parents when their living situation has improved. Unfortunately, foster families often encounter conflicts in their time together, ranging from difficulties bonding to physical abuse. ResentmentAlthough the foster parents tak

How to Welcome a Foster Child if You Are a Daughter to the Foster Parents
by laptop302.vn in Parenting
Your parents have decided to take a foster child into their home. But, this is also your home. If your parents are prepared to foster, they are probably the kind of adults who will have discussed this issue with you. However, it is quite normal for you to have some mixed feelings about this. Part of you may be proud that your parents are prepared to do something which may transform the life of ano

How to Become a Foster Mom in DC
by iyogee in Parenting
The decision to welcome a child into your home and become a foster mother is not to be taken lightly. Before the District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency will put a child into your care, you must demonstrate your commitment to fostering, your fitness as a mother, your ability to house another child and your determination to provide the best home possible for him. The process is long,
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How to Foster a Dog
by Shadowknight in Pets
According to the Humane Society of the United States, shelters in the United States euthanize a dog or cat every eight seconds. This totals over four million animals each year, many of whom have spent months in overcrowded environments waiting for adoption. After a certain period, new animals coming into the shelters need their place, and those whose adoption is becoming less likely must make way
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How to Be a Foster Mom
by eataix in Parenting
Becoming a foster mom allows you to open your home and your heart to a child in need. Some foster moms are even able to adopt children who have been placed in their care. While fostering is a rewarding experience, it is also a challenging one, as many children in foster care come from tumultuous backgrounds and difficult upbringings. Each state sets its own foster parent standards to ensure all po
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How to Become a Pet Foster Parent
by Barfo in Pets
Fostering pets can be a rewarding experience. You will save animals from shelters who would otherwise be euthanized and you can ensure they receive the hands-on treatment and care they need until a forever home can be found. That being said, there's more to becoming a pet foster parent than picking up an animal at the local shelter.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Determine if you're willing to

How to Become a Foster Parent in DC
by sjmorrison in Parenting
As the public child-welfare agency for the District of Columbia, the Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) oversees the district's foster care system, including the training and licensing of foster parents. When CFSA receives reports of child abuse or neglect, the agency may temporarily place children in the homes of foster families. If you would like to serve as a foster parent in the district,

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