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Get last Friday's Date unless today is Friday using T-SQL
Category : Databases

I'm trying to get the correct SQL code to obtain last Friday's date. A few days ago, I thought I had my code correct. But just noticed that it's getting last week's Friday date, not the last Friday. The day I'm writing this question is Saturday, 8/11/2012 @ 12:23am. In SQL Server, this code is returning Friday, 8/3/2012. However, I want this to return Friday, 8/10/2012 instead. How can I

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About Black Friday
Category : Holidays & Celebrations
Black Friday is synonym for the first Friday after Thanksgiving, better known as the start of the holiday shopping season. This is technically correct. This definition, however, fails to reveal Black Friday's true nature. It is America's D-Day when consumers launch on the floors of stores everywhere, wallets and credit cards at the ready, sideswiping one another for the very best deals. Shops not

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What Happens on Good Friday?
Category : Holidays & Celebrations
Good Friday is an important observance for Christians everywhere. It is typically the last Friday before Easter. Friday was traditionally set aside as early as the first century for the purpose of prayer and fasting. In the fourth century, the Church began observing Good Friday as a special day to commemorate Jesus Christ's crucifixion. The story behind Good Friday is discussed here together with

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Fun Stuff to Do on a Friday
Category : Relationships & Family
Fridays are the reward for making it from Monday to Thursday. Workers are known for not being very productive on Fridays. To account for the lack of productivity and in the interest of retaining employees, some companies allow employees to leave early on Fridays or take the entire day off. Regardless of the situation, there are fun things to do on a Friday. BreakfastGo out for breakfast in a re

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How to eat free at TGI Friday's
Category : Personal Finance
We all love TGI Friday's. It's one of the greatest American restaurants of all time! Come on, the appetizers, the entrees, the desserts... it's all good! The atmosphere is always crazy and fun, and you can find the restaurants anywhere from New York City to Aruba! It can, however, take a toll on your wallet. So why not eat there for free? That's what this post will help you do.Difficulty:EasyInstr

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How to get last Friday of month(s) using .NET
Category : Programming Languages

I have a function that returns me only the fridays from a range of dates

public static List<DateTime> GetDates(DateTime startDate, int weeks)
int days = weeks * 7;
//Get the whole date range
List<DateTime> dtFulldateRange = Enumerable.Range(-days, days).Select(i => startDate.AddDays(i)).ToList();
//Get only the fridays fr

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How to calculate next Friday at 3am?
Category : Programming Languages

How can you calculate the following Friday at 3am as a datetime object?

Clarification: i.e., the calculated date should always be greater than 7 days away, and less than or equal to 14.

Going with a slightly modified version of Mark's solution:

def _next_weekday(day_of_week=4, time_of_day=datetime.time(hour=3), dt=None):
if dt is None

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Meals for Friday in Lent
Category : Food & Drink
Lent refers to the 40 days of fasting practiced by many Christians between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday according to the Christian calendar. Lenten fasting rules have evolved to basic norms which many Catholics follow. The present fasting rules outline religious observers to abstain from meat on the Fridays of Lent, although fish is allowed. Many restaurants will feature a fish dish or vegetar

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Fun Things for Friday Night
Category : Parties & Entertaining
Friday night is when the weekend begins and no one wants to sit at home alone. After a week of hard work or study, everyone deserves some "down" time to recuperate from another work week.This is a time to relax and catch up with friends and family or to go out on the town. Dine in a RestaurantIf you have been busy cooking all week for the family, take a day off and visit a restaurant. Dine in a

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neat way to get last friday's date
Category : Programming Languages

no matter what day I call the function on.

I know I could write a select case weekday(now) statement, was just wondering if there was a neater way to go?

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