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Fbml Appllication - Select friend and Post a news on friend's wall - New method
by camt in Programming Languages

I'm a newbie facebok developer from Italy Sorry, but my english is very poor.
I would like to ask you how to create in my facebook application a multi-friend selector to allow my users to post news on friend's wall.
How can I let my user select friends, and than send to those friends a news on their wall?
I 'don't know ajax, so please can you just suggest me something that I can

PHP - Tutorial on how to build an email to a friend script by sending the web pages url to a friend?
by aafr in Programming Languages

Is there a good tutorial on how to code a good email to a friend script using PHP. I assume I will need to use the PHP mail function.

A recommend to a friend script where a user can email a specific web page to a friend.

Facebook Multi Friend Selector for sending personalized message to more than ONE friend
by Gogonez in Development Tools & Services

Is it possible to send personalised private message to more than one friend via facebook app(not a canvas app) using Multi friend selector like App request does?

If yes then how?

MySQL Add Friend | Remove Friend - Follow | Unfollow system efficiency
by Nidleb in Programming Languages

I currently have a table named [ friends ], and this for rows and such.

+-----------------------------------friend_id | friend_one | friend_two | role--------------------------------------------+

It's a follow and unfollow system, but it

How does Zynga notify a user e.g. “Friend 1, Friend 2 and 5 others have been playing Poker. Play now”
by Dean in Development Tools & Services

I was mid way through building an app, when I realized that a core part of the app I was planning to build (an event notifier), wouldn't work as event invites sent via the Facebook API do not show as a notifications.

This is the notification I got:

It's not a notification for an event of course, but I don't know what other API methods invoke a user notificat

How to perform friend search using LIKE and not showing the friends which are already in my friend list?
by Andrew L. in Programming Languages

My tables look like this:

My USER_ID is 1 and I am friend with USER_ID = 2 and 3.
I tried many queries to search all other users name from table "user", which are not in my friend list already. This is one of the query (listed below), tried to use but its showing me duplicate entries

select *
from frnd,us

Post to Friend's Wall using Dialog Feed - How to choose a friend?
by z1ggy in Web Design

We are able to post to any particular friend by providing the 'to' field in dialog feed syntax.

FB.init({appId: "", status: true, cookie: true});
function postToFeed() {
// calling the API ...
var obj = {
method: 'feed',
redirect_uri: [url],
link: 'https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/dialogs/',
picture: 'http://fb

Facebook App FBML, fb:friend-selector get friend userid
by Fremont in Development Tools & Services

i am trying to get the current logged in user's friends, they should select one friend using the form below and then submit it to the same page.
The script is suppose to get the friend's userid (only one) and add it to the database.

The script is working fine but its not posting the right ID (Wrong ID $_POST['friend_selector_id']), it posts an id that looks like th

Fetch Facebook Friend photos 2 for every friend in a single fql
by pulkizine in Development Tools & Services

I was trying

SELECT object_id, src_big,owner
FROM photo WHERE pid
IN ( SELECT pid FROM photo WHERE aid
IN ( SELECT aid FROM album WHERE owner
IN ( SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me()))) ORDER BY created DESC LIMIT 20

But it was giving only 2 photos but not for every friend.

How to fetch logged in user's friend's friend list in IOS 6
by Andy22 in Mobile Programming

In my application i'm getting logged in user's friend list by using FBFriendPickerViewController, if i select any one in that list i'm able to display his details like name, id, location etc. My question is that by using these details how can i get his(selected friend in FBFriendPickerViewController) friends list in my app?.

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