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Graph-Traversal: How do I query for “friends and friends of friends” using Gremlin
by Denis Chaykovskiy in Databases

In my graph database I have Branches and Leaves. Branches can "contain" Leaves and Branches can "contain" Branches.

How, using Gremlin, can I find all leaves for a given branch, that are directly or indirectly related to it?

I got this to work in Cypher:

START v=node(1) MATCH v-[:contains*1..2]->i RETURN v,i

Where the *1..2

mysql query to workout friends of friends who are not in my friends list
by hyperNURb in Programming Languages

I have a friends table that keeps track of relationships in my db - I have put together a query with subquery that gets the profile info from friends of friends

my friends table looks like the below - id's go in twice both ways. I am user with an id of 1 - my friends would be 5 & 3

rel 1 | rel 2
1 | 5
5 | 1
3 |

Oracle SQL how to write a sql statement that verifies if user in my network( ie friends or friend of friends)
by Rob in Programming Languages

I have this problem. Given a users table that consists of users' username in a social network and friends table that contain a user's name and a user's friendname like below...

username friendname
John Thomas
Chris James

... I'm trying to write an SQL statement that will if a user is in my network. In other w

iOS and Facebook API - posting on friends wall vs Tagging friends, verifying it and spam
by Nothingness in Development Tools & Services

1 - How like is that an APP that enourage a user to post on his friends wall will be tagged as Spam? Is it possible and sensible in iOS to allow the user to select a sublist of x friends and then post it only to those walls?

(here is a similar topic)

2 - If I tag a friend instead it seems like I have to provide the user's with a place. Can the place be my App name?

facebook api: do i need to store each user's friends list in order to create a who's online component (between friends)?
by Vlad Sirenko in Development Tools & Services

this is a generic question about a facebook application creation.

I want the user to have a who's online component that shows who's among his friends are currently using the application.

does it mean that i actually need to store each user's friends list in my own database and to filter from that the users that are currently using my application ?


Permission issue when uploading photo to album with privacy setting as “Friends of Friends”
by Wonderbread in Development Tools & Services

I'm using the Facebook Graph API to upload photos to photo albums on Facebook from my iOS app. However, I found that when the privacy setting of the photo album is set to "Friends of Friends", upload fails with OAuthException, message as follows:

Application's Activity Privacy for User is not sufficient to perform this action

I have tried with practically all

Determine friends / friend requested / not friends using MySQL query
by Vijayant Singh in Databases

I have this MySQL table:

Let's imagine I am logged in as user 1 and I'm browsing the profile of user 2. As we are mutual friends (1 is friend with 2 and 2 is friend with 1), I need to echo "friends."

When I browse the profile of user 4, whose friendship I have requested, but they haven't accepted yet, I need to echo "friend requested."

When brows

facebook api get friends likes returns empty array for some friends
by Usman in Development Tools & Services

i tried this with fql and the test console


checked the permissions
check with two accounts (no privacy issues)
checked the fb bugreports

clicking on friends then a user id then likes returns an empty array on some of my friends. i couldnt figure out why this is the case.

it seems to be pretty rand

Getting fb friends likes with “Friends” privacy in Graph API
by George H. in Development Tools & Services

Earlier to get my facebook friends "likes" I used such requests to graph API:


Now for about two weeks I can't do it if my friends "lik

improving a friends list query : counting the mutual friends
by Angelo Giannatos in Programming Languages

i have two tables in my database one is to keep users info (users_table )
and the other one keeps track of the friends


id username avatar
1 max max.jpg
2 jack jack.jpg

friends_table :

id u1_id u2_id
1 1 2
2 1

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