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Creating multiple thread in JVM to fulfil high user load
by Murali Ravipudi in Programming Languages

I have a C program that will be storing and retrieving alot of data in a Java store. I am putting alot of stress in my C program and multiple threads are adding and retrieving data from Java store. How will java handle such load? Because if there is only one main thread running JVM and handling all the requests from C, then it may become bottleneck for me. Will Java create multiple threads to h

NetSuite Web Services API - How to “partially” fulfil a sales order
by jch in Web Design

I have tried creating itemFulfilment records in multiple ways, but no matter what I do, sales orders always end up "completely" fulfilled (regardless of whether all items were actually fulfilled.)

In cases where only "some" of the items in the sales order have shipped, we need to set just those items fulfilled so the appropriate purchase order(s) can be billed and tracking gets sent

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