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build bootstrap twitter grid container full width (full screen) without fluid
by Massachusetts in Development Tools & Services

I want build a web application in full screen with twitter bootstrap framework. I'm testing bootstrap responsive css, but I don't like that when window browser resize, page content change position.
So I want a full bar on top, a left bar, a center content, and a right bar, and finaly a footer, and when browser resize I don't want that element change position (not fluid). I want also use a

What Is the Difference Between Settled in Full & Paid in Full in Debt Collections?
by JEDIYoda in Personal Finance
Any time the status of an account on your credit report changes, your creditor will notify the credit bureaus to update the information on your credit report. However, the information creditors report is not always clear. A collection account you previously paid off, for example, may carry a status of “settled in full” or “paid in full.” Although both sound similar, the mea

From lite and full, Full version for OLD/Current users of APP without In app purchase
by Caomai in Mobile Programming

In my current app which is on app store..

I have added feature of lite and full version.

The user who purchase lite version they can get full version by in app purchase.


But my problem is that for all the current user of application should get full version without make any IAP payment.

can we do this ? Is it possible to do ?

how to create folder in C# and give her full-control & full-sharing
by Janne Lammi in C & C++ & C#

how to create folder in C# and give her full-control & full-sharing ?

thank's in advance

How to Build Full Over Full Size Bunk Beds for Adults
by Murali Ravipudi in Home & Garden
If you need to provide sleeping accommodations for multiple adults in a limited space, you may want to install a full-sized bunk bed. However, with furniture prices on the rise, you may not want to pay the hundreds of dollars to buy a prefabricated bunk bed. Fortunately, you can build your own sturdy model in just one afternoon.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Table saw

Full width navigation over full screen background
by DaveStall in Web Design

I am having a problem with a website I am coding.

I have a background which resizes to fill the window, then on top of that I have a grid of 5 columns across which is full of images which go down the page (and they always fill the width of the page).

I want a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, one which goes the full width, and is on top of everything on the web

How to Make a Full Over Full Size Bunk Bed for Adults
by Summerfun in Home & Garden
Though it may at first glance seem unusual, a bunk bed for adults is a good arrangement for tight, shared living quarters such as college dorms or a hunting cabin. It provides comfortable sleeping arrangements while taking up minimal floor space. Full mattresses are ideal for this project because they have more room than twins but don't require additional support like a queen or king mattress woul

DIY: Full-Over-Full Sized Bunk Beds for Adults
by UglyCasanova in Home & Garden
Stacking two full-size beds one over the other, better known as “full-over-full” bunk beds, is becoming more and more popular. Full-size mattresses typically measure 54 x 75 inches (137 x 190 cm), although some manufacturers size their mattresses a little differently. There are plans available for full-over-full bunk beds, but you probably will not find any free plans on the web. Fortu

Full height and full width CSS layout
by Max Derov in Web Design

I am looking for a way to create a CSS-only (no JavaScript) layout with 5 regions that looks like this:

│ H │
│ │ │ │
│ │ │ │
│ │

How to Differentiate Between Full Employment and Full Production
by David Bjornn in Business
Both employment and production are concepts in macroeconomics, which analyzes the economics changes of an economy on the regional, national or international level. The relationship between employment and production is often analyzed using the production possibilities curve, which examines the interaction between resources, technology and the labor force. Although the model is largely theoretical,

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