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Open Source Library for sending emails via gmail (smtp.gmail.com) using SMPTS (TLS)
Category : Programming Languages

Note: If you dont have time to read this long journey, the solution (with sourcecode) is here: http://www.coastrd.com/smtps.

For a long time sending email uing SMTP (port 25) via a remote mail server (usually at the website hosting company) was easy to do with an application. Open a TCP port 25, send "HELO ..." etc

To do this using googles email service is giving me a pr

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Android Gmail : Press Reply, will show Dialog to select Gmail or my App to Compose
Category : Programming Languages

I am now developing a composer (only text editor to compose a message).
What I want is when user press "reply" on Android's Gmail app, it shows a dialog for user to choose my text editor or gmail to write the message.
how to do that?

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How to check for a duplicate email address in PHP, considering Gmail (user.name+label@gmail.com)
Category : PHP

How can I check for duplicate email addresses in PHP, with the possibility of Gmail's automated labeler and punctuation in mind?

For example, I want these addressed to be detected as duplicates:


Despite what Daniel A. Whit

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error creating an email (from gmail to gmail) with mime::lite perl
Category : Programming Languages

i created this code(to send an email from gmail to gmail):

use MIME::Lite;
use Net::SMTP::SSL;
my $smtps = Net::SMTP::SSL->new ("www.gmail.com", Port=> 465);
$msg = MIME::Lite->new(
From =>'testeotest1234@gmail.com',
To =>'xxx',
# Cc =>'some@other.com, some@more.com',
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how to put a link into left side in gmail using gmail contextual gadget
Category : Programming Languages

manifest.xml : demo.avinashi.com/DemoGapps/manifest.xml

gadget.xml : demo.avinashi.com/DemoGapps/gadget.xml

Here is my manifest file...I just wanted to build the gadget just like the streak hiring extension at www.streak.com..I have build the code till some level..but the problem is that I want the link of a gadget to the left side pan in gmail just like the other labels

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How to send html emails to gmail with php? yahoo works not gmail
Category : PHP

I've been using php to send html emails to people daily for over a year and it has always worked until today, all the emails sent to gmail accounts just displayed the html code. I haven't changed any code recently. It always just displays the html code now in gmail instead of showing the hyperlinks and images.

Here's what it shows:

Reply-To: updates@mysite.com


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How can i get a user's gmail contact groups using gmail oauth? (not Contacts API)
Category : Development Tools & Services

Is there a way i can get access to a user's contact groups using the Gmail oAuth alone? I know it is possible to do using the google contacts API, but i am already using the gmail oAuth so i dont want the user to have to authenticate contacts api separately.

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How to fetch a GMail message using GMail URL Hash in Zend Framework
Category : Programming Languages

I am using Zend Framework for fetching GMail messages.
I have been able to authenticate and fetch all the messages using the zend framework using following code:

$storage = new Zend_Mail_Storage_Imap($imap);
for ($i = 1; $i <= $storage->countMessages() && $i <=10; $i++ ){
echo htmlentities($storage->getMessage($i)->subject);

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Gmail to Database using PHP - hitting Gmail bandwith limit - suggestions?
Category : PHP

Hoping someone has some suggestions or work-arounds.

I recently wrote an email parser to work for mail forwarded through a pipe in CPanel and have the details entered in a mySQL table.

The client now wants historical mail importing to this database and has approx 50 Gmail accounts with some having over 20,000 messages in.

I have been able to get up to around

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Gmail Autoforwarding using Gmail App Script help required
Category : Programming Languages

I am using Gmail App script to auto forward my custom label emails to two different senders, but I am getting facing some problem which i want to discuss here.

At start of program, i am getting number of threads in that label than getting message and forwarding that message to two different emails, after that i am marking it as READ message and than removing its label. I used timely

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