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gprs socket communication between Java EE application and gprs enabled devices
by chaoyi in Java

How to make a socket(TCP/IP) based communication between java web application and the gprs enabled micro controller?
Suggestions i had a look

How can i implement this solution? Please suggest me the architecture.

by SteveGrabowski in Electronics
Before 3G, mobile operators using GSM technology for their cellular networks first introduced widespread data services through a technology called GPRS, short for General Packet Radio Service. The technology is typically referred to as a 2.5G service, as it builds upon the standards introduced in 2G GSM telephony. As well as being available to users of 2G networks, 3G-enabled networks can fall bac

How to Set Up GPRS
by Valentine in Electronics
General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a wireless network service used to send and receive data through the Internet Protocol. It runs faster than standard mobile phone dial up connections, thereby offering high-speed Internet content on your phone. GPRS also makes MMS (Multimedia Message) possible, which lets you enhance your message with pictures and sound clips. Over-the-air (OTA) configuration

What Is GPRS and WAP?
by hovergirl in Electronics
Mobile telephone services use radio technology to transfer data and voice signals. One such technology, the General Packet Radio Service (or GPRS), is used to transfer data from a mobile phone to a service carrier network. Another wireless technology, the Wireless Application Protocol (or WAP), is also used for wireless network communications. What is GPRS?General Packet Radio Service is a mobi

How to Set a GPRS Pro XL
by fstender in Electronics
XL is a cell phone provider based in Indonesia that offers various devices with Internet capability. To access the Web with your XL device, establish a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), which enables the data transfer between cell phones and the Internet on the mobile networks TDMA and GSM. The GPRS used on XL devices is called Pro XL. You can configure the GPRS for your XL device OTA (over the

by cbot5000 in Electronics
General packet radio service and short message service are data transmission protocols that you can use to send messages between mobile devices. SMS messaging is an older format that sends text-only messages in a standardized packet form. This format has been subsumed under the GPRS packet transmission service in devices with GPRS support. GPRS DefinitionGPRS is a data system used by mobile pho

How to Use GPRS
by Jason Merrill in Electronics
GPRS technology is what cell phone companies use as the network to send and make calls over. All cell phones come equipped with options for you to use GPRS. You can turn off GPRS to disable all phone usage, which is very helpful during flights when you should not be making inadvertent calls. You can even manually select your GRPS network when roaming.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Thing

android:3G and GPRS
by Rob in Programming Languages

How can i use 3G network to run application that makes use of internet.
i have make use of wi-fi, but not getting how to set preferance for 3G.

Any help.

here is the code i have used for wifi.

final ConnectivityManager connMgr = (ConnectivityManager)

final android.net.NetworkInfo wifi =

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GPRS communication
by php in Web Design

I want to set up communication between GSM/GPRS modem and a remote server or PC. How to do that? Do we need some application on PC which will communicate to the GSM modem. I want 2 way commuinication. I want to interface GSM/GPRS modem with some microprocessor which has some LCD display. Can anybody help me in this.


How to Activate BPL GPRS
by Henschkowski in Electronics
Loop Mobile is a cellular phone carrier based in India, formerly called BPL Mobile. The company uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) standard for its cellular network, so inserting a subscriber identity module (SIM) card into your phone only gives you the ability to send and receive calls and text messages. You must enter the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) settings manually
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