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Grad Gifts for Men
by pttr in Holidays & Celebrations
He worked hard to earn his diploma. Now honor the man who's graduating with a special gift. Don't just go with a gift card or a check. Put some thought into a present for this important milestone. Consider the graduate's needs and wishes to come up with the perfect grad gift for your young man. Professional GiftsThe new graduate is ready to job hunt and start a career. Help him look the part w
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Grad Gag Gifts
by Schmidt in Holidays & Celebrations
Gag gifts for grads can be a lot of fun to give, but be sure that the gift you give will not offend her. If she's a prankster and the first one to play to tricks on someone else, then she's a good candidate for a wacky gift. Gag gifts are usually inexpensive, and the primary goal is to get a laugh out of the grad. ClothingT-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps can all be purchased with funny sayings o
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What Are Grad Plus Loans?
by Tmf in Personal Finance
Attending graduate school can give you an advantage in your career and give you the knowledge that you need to succeed. One of the problems with attending graduate school is the large cost associated with it. By using a Grad PLUS loan, you can get the money needed to pay for graduate school. EligibilityUnlike other government student aid programs, this type of loan is not based on need. This me
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The Best Grad Gifts
by tangsty in Holidays & Celebrations
Graduation is an exciting time for young people, as they finish their studies and start to pursue their career aspirations. Family and friends often like to reward their success and achievement with gifts, and there is no shortage of ideas for something suitable. No matter what your budget, you are sure to be able to find a token of your good wishes that will be well received. InvestmentsStocks
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New Grad RN Training
by Vrki in Education
Newly graduated registered nurses, or RNs, can obtain further training by enrolling in a hospital residency program. Identification of a Residency ProgramRN residency programs provide intensive training within a hospital environment. These programs are designed for experienced nurses seeking training in a new specialty, or newly graduated RNs with less than one-year of experience.
Program In
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How to Get Into Grad School
by Will in Education
Whether you want to be an engineer or an Egyptologist, graduate
school may be a necessary stepping-stone. But getting an advanced
degree is a huge investment: Choose carefully to find an academically
excellent program that opens career doors as well.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Work in your chosen field for a while to gain experience and knowledge. Job experience with specific
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How to Fix a Low GPA in Grad School
by Andrew in Education
In graduate school, your grade point average (GPA) is an important aspect to your success, especially if you plan to pursue advanced studies at the doctorate level. However, sometimes poor study habits or failure to ask for help can keep a GPA lower than where it should be. With a few changes and determination, you can take steps to improve your overall GPA.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Meet
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Gifts for the MBA Grad
by hamaholic in Holidays & Celebrations
Graduation is not only a special occasion for the scholar embarking on an exciting new chapter of life. It is also an important moment for proud family and friends. One way to express how proud you are of a recent MBA graduate is to give gifts that symbolize all of the possibilities that the future has to offer. Ideas that incorporate business ventures and embrace a new career are ideal choices.
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Grad Reunion Ideas
by Copter in Parties & Entertaining
A school reunion can be a stressful event. You are surrounded by people that you spent some of the most important years of your life with. A reunion is your chance to show others how successful you have been in life or how you have improved since graduation. It is also a chance for you to renew old friendships. If you are planning a school reunion there are several ideas that can help make your ev
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How do I Apply for a Grad Plus Loan?
by msmy300z in Education
The average yearly tuition for in-state public graduate school programs is $30,000 a year, and tuition for private grad programs average 30 percent more a year. In many cases, prospective grad students must secure loans to cover their educational expenses.
The federal government offers the Grad Plus Loan for eligible students seeking graduate and professional degrees. The Grad Plus Loan has a
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