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Are Long Tax Gains Deductible for Short Gains?
by ghost recon88 in Personal Finance
The rules for netting out capital gains and losses on your tax return are relatively simple. There are instances where you can net a long-term gain or loss against a short-term gain or loss, as long as you follow the netting procedure in the proper order as mandated by the IRS. The ability to net out long- and short-term gains and losses in this fashion can drastically reduce your taxable investme

How to Meet IRS Capital Gains Record Keeping Requirements for Capital Gains
by Caleb Ames in Personal Finance
Capital gains transactions create major adjustments to taxes and often involve voluminous amounts of paperwork. Consequently the IRS requires that taxpayers be able to produce complete record keeping files supporting capital gains transactions for up to 7 years after a return is filed. However, the IRS generally places few requirements on taxpayers for actually filing records with the tax return t

IRS Capital Gains Law
by NoCreativity in Personal Finance
Capital gains tax is levied after the sale of an investment that has appreciated in value from the time it was purchased until the time it is sold. According to the IRS, this tax is applied to capital investments and can include anything used for personal investment purposes such as a home, household furnishings, and stocks or bonds. HistoryCapital gains tax has existed as long as we've had a t
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How to Set the Gains on an MA Audio Amp
by Fırat Can Başarır in Electronics
Many aspects of setting up and controlling car audio gear are the same across all brands of gear. Setting the gain for an amplifier is one of these. While MA audio amplifiers are known for their performance and high-quality construction, setting the gain on an MA Audio amplifier is performed no differently than it would be with a less expensive amp.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things
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About Capital Gains Tax
by gondalez in Personal Finance
Capital gains taxes are an issue for many investors who "play" the stock market or "flip" real estate, as they are a special tax available for those who realize a profit on these kinds of assets if they are held for longer than a year. Furthermore, capital gains tax exemptions are a key issue for anyone who realizes a profit on the equity in selling their home. Combined, these considerations make

About Capital Gains
by avi in Personal Finance
Investors and homeowners are all too familiar with the hows and whys of capital gains. Understanding how capital gains affect your overall tax burden means fewer surprises at tax time--and less frustration. Here we will cover what qualifies as a capital gain under United States tax code guidelines, and how it can affect your tax liability. IdentificationCapital gains refers to any profit made f

How much effort do you have to put in to get gains from using SSE?
by Triumph in Programming Languages
Case One

Say you have a little class:

class Point3D
float x,y,z;
Point3D &Point3D::operator+=(Point3D &other)
this->x += other.x;
this->y += other.y;
this->z += other.z;

A naive use of SSE would simply replace these

What Is a Capitol Gains Tax?
by Spasas in Personal Finance
The IRS website states that any asset you own is a capital asset and if an asset is sold for a profit, the result is a taxable capital gain. For tax purposes, capital gains and losses are treated differently than other forms of income. In most cases, the separation of capital gains is a benefit to taxpayers. Common Types of Capital GainsAny asset sold for a profit is a reportable capital gain,
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The California Capital Gains Law
by Dré in Legal
California tax law is generally the same as federal law, including the requirements for capital gains. When filling out California income tax forms, you start with the adjusted gross income shown on your federal tax form and figure the California tax from that. TermsShort-term capital gains are proceeds from the sale of assets you have held for one year or less. If you have had the assets for m

How to Pay Taxes on Capital Gains
by Nick Durcholz in Personal Finance
A capital gain is the profit resulting from the sale of a capital asset, usually from investments, stocks, bonds and real estate. The income or loss on these assets is generally treated as income and the tax will be assessed using the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS's) Schedule D form. After the tax is calculated, you can decide on the most convenient method for paying any taxes you owe.Difficulty


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