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Register Game Object Components in Game Subsystems? (Component-based Game Object design)
by takuya in Programming Languages

I'm creating a component-based game object system. Some tips:

GameObject is simply a list of Components.
There are GameSubsystems. For example, rendering, physics etc. Each GameSubsystem contains pointers to some of Components. GameSubsystem is a very powerful and flexible abstraction: it represents any

Game server infrastructure for two players turn based board phone game
by California in Programming Languages

I tried to do my homework in this topic, but unfortunately with no luck, at least the picture not as clear I can start digging deeper or registering for a service etc.

What I am trying to implement: Simple 2 player board game, with CPU or internet opponent. The game is a phone game for all the 3 platforms iPhone, Android, WP7. (please do not harm WP7:-)

One option is go

in jigsaw puzzle game in game score how can identified using moves and remaining time
by Brian O'Neill in Programming Languages

i am implementing puzzle game app in android . in this application one level complete then get score number of moves and remaining level completion on time .i am level completed show in dialogbox it shows move next level ,then number of moves and remaining time in each level value display in these dialog box
todisplay (number of moves + remaing time)...


How to get Local Application to Poll Game Data from Browser-based Game Web Server
by bicho44 in Programming Languages

thank for looking into my question.

Fist let me state that my experience with any sort of web development is extremely limited. My forte is embedded systems and nothing to do with their web interfaces. Also, I’m not looking for anyone to do the work for me. If someone can tell me "yes this can be done, and this is the general direction and approach that you would" use I’d be hap

How to create a game entity class for game which will be extended with new methods dynamically?
by Sivavt in Programming Languages

So, I have a player class with basic actions. During the gameplay he unlocks new abilities. I don't know how to store new actions within the player class. To be precise - I know how, but my method is too messy and i want to clean up code. Also, I want to add to the enemies some of those abilities. In other words, every game entity(expect walls, perhaps :D) should have a collection to which i ca

How to live update browser game attributes like the 4 resouces in Travian game?
by Néstor Pina in Programming Languages

I would like to make a web-based game which is Travian-like (or Ikariam-like). The game will be in PHP & MySQL-based. I wonder how can I achieve the live updating of game attributes.

For frontend, I can achieve by using AJAX calls (fetch the latest values from database), or even fake update of values (not communicated with server).

For backend, is this done by a PHP

Building my own game server for a turn-based multiplayer iPhone Game
by GAM3RIG in Programming Languages

From the Game Kit Programming Guide...

Multiplayer allows players interested
in playing an online multiplayer game
to discover each other and be
connected into a match. Depending on
your needs, your application can have
either use Game Kit to connect all the
participants together, or have Game
Kit deliver a list of players to you.

Game Center Sandbox : “Could not create game” issue
by Jeremy Pinnix in Operating Systems

I'm currently developing a turn based game using Game Center to handle the online functionalities (for matchmaking and turns handling).

I'm using two sandbox accounts - one on my 3gs and one on the ios Simulator.
I've been testing my app using the GKTurnBasedMatchMakerViewController to do the match making for a while without any problems, but I'm now stuck with an issue:

how to change game into pause mode when message received(j2me game)
by Jim Davis in Programming Languages

I am developing a mobile game in j2me and i am using mobile nokia 6300. In game canvas i used hideNotify() to change game into pause mode when external and internal events occurs. But when sms received ,its doesn't change to pause mode and game will continue. Any idea to handle message event in j2me.

is Adobe Air capable of converting a complex Flash game into iPad/android platform game?
by DCal430 in Operating Systems

I've recently heard about the converting feature of Adobe Air but how well does it work?
Does it emulate every bit of code a complex Flash game using tons of libraries outputs or should you expect a lot of work to go around if you were to convert one?

I'm thinking of making a complex cross-platform game but not sure which is better/easier, to use Flash and Adobe Air for its abu


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