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How to Keep a Gardner Snake
by Ir0nh1de in Pets
Gardner snakes are known to be one of the easiest snakes to care for. They are active during the daytime, do not grow to large sizes and do not require multiple outings. However, they are known to live up to 10 years. Proper care can help give the snake a long, happy life. Here are some basics to get you started.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Heat rock
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How to Dress like Ava Gardner
by Matt in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Ava Gardner was the epitome of a classic femme fetale. Born into poverty in small town within North Carolina, Garner was the youngest of seven children. After becoming a superstar she stated, "I was a country girl. I still have a country girl's rather simple and ordinary values." She was discovered at the age of 17 and later sent to MGM where she developed into one of the most famous scr
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How to Use the Gardner Bender 930
by mikieb in Home & Garden
When building a plumbing system in your home or repairing one that already exists, it may be necessary to bend pipes to complete the job. The Gardner Bender 930 is a tool that you can use to bend a pipe to the angle that you need to complete a system. In order to use the Garnder Bender 930, you must place the bender onto the pipe and then insert the handle into the hole in the center.Difficulty:Mo
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Master Gardner Programs
by StereoPixel in Home & Garden
The 50 states and Canada offer master gardener programs through university local extensions. In return for free horticulture training, master gardeners volunteer to assist the community with their gardening needs by answering gardening questions over the phone, conducting gardening lectures and demonstrations, organizing exhibits and fulfilling any other areas the gardening community may need. For

Summer Day Camps Near Gardner, MA
by Niels Kloster in Culture & Society
Like many scenic states in New England, Massachusetts is home to a large number of summer day camps. Near the northern border with New Hampshire, the city of Gardner is in a central area between the more populated eastern side of the state and the rural and scenic western half. By traveling less than a couple of hours, you can reach many of the states best summer day camps. Marcus Lewis Day Cam

Gardner Learning Styles
by DonMac in Education
Howard Gardner is well-regarded for his research regarding different learning styles. His theory of multiple intelligences can be used in the home, school and workplace. Some people have strengths in several areas, while others may find that they learn predominantly through a single style.

Hotels in Gardner, Massachusetts
by Train in Travel
Gardner. Massachusetts has been dubbed the "furniture capital of New England." Established in 1785, Gardner did not officially become a city until 1923. This fact makes the official city relatively young by Massachusetts standards. The city still has a rich history, and a host of area entertainment alternatives for visitors. Whether your stay will be for business or pleasure, Gardner offers tradit

Gardner Bender 930 Instructions
by Cenneca in Home & Garden
The Gardner Bender 930 is a rigid aluminum hand bender used to bend 1/2-inch-diameter to 1-inch-diameter conduit in electrical construction. When creating a raceway system to run electrical wires throughout a structure, different bends are needed to go around corners, across ceilings, under floors or reach other outlet areas that would otherwise pose a challenge. The Gardner Bender 930 handles all

How to: Gardner Roof Coating
by Luciano Campos in Home & Garden
Weather exposure and temperature fluctuations cause roofing materials to crack, deteriorate, corrode and leak over time. Although patching damaged areas temporarily stops leaks, others may eventually develop and require more patching. Coating roofing materials with Gardner-Gibson roof coatings protect roofs from weather elements, preventing many leaks and hence the need for patching. Gardner-Gibso

Hotels Near Gardner, Massachusetts
by 02ranger in Travel
Gardner, a town in north-central Massachusetts, is known as the "furniture capital of New England" because of the large number of showrooms and outlets. Not only can you spend the day shopping for furniture, but you can see what was once the largest chair in the world. At the end of the day, relax in one of the area's pleasing accommodations. The Colonial HotelThe Colonial Hotel offers guest

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