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Comparison of a Gateway M-7301U to a Gateway M-2414U Laptop
by AtenRa in Computers
The M-7301u and M-2414u are notebook computers developed by Gateway and released in 2008. The laptops are identical in styling but differ in terms of chipsets, processors and graphics cards. Both laptops came with the Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium operating system and a one-year limited parts and labor warranty. Dimensions, BatteryThe two laptops are nearly identical in size. The M-7301u

I am trying to add a new gateway to CS-cart and it seems having troubles when i am sent back from the gateway
by BHZ-GTR in Programming Languages

basically my script so far send values to the gateway then get redirected to CS cart .. in that page i grab the values returned and manipulate them.

i use fn finish and fn change order status to finish the order but no matter what i do i get a 404 page not found . i've tried redirecting to the order page but its creates a problem.

Here is the code i use when returning f

How to Stop Gateway Ads on My Gateway Computer
by tontod in Computers
When you purchase a new Gateway system from a store, a large number of preloaded applications come installed on it. The operating system and other major applications, such as Microsoft Word, are installed on all systems, while a series of other applications are installed by Gateway that are specific to its systems. This software can range from driver update utilities and backup software to Gateway

If the website owner steals the payment gateway information then is it safe to use a payment gateway?
by doctorbigtime in Programming Languages

I am integrating a payment gateway; this is the first time I am integrating payment gateway functionality to my system, I am using Authorised.Net for the payment gateway.

As I have successfully integrated it but I see the user has to enter the following values to purchase his item, and the transaction id is returned.

//post_values.Add("x_card_num", "41111111111111

How to install “Cloud Gateway” feature to WSO2-ESB (NOT “Cloud Gateway Agent” feature) by ESB Feature Management?
by Mexico in Web Design

I would like to run CSG server at WSO2-ESB (v4.0.3 & v4.5.0) , but I can not finish it in config files. And I got a "Error occured while reviewing provisioning action" message when I install the feature by ESB Feature Management.

How to install "Cloud Gateway" feature to WSO2-ESB (NOT "Cloud Gateway Agent" feature) by ESB Feature Management?

What Does Bad Gateway Mean?
by AnthonyC in Computers
A "Bad Gateway" error is an HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) response status code, otherwise known as a 502 error. If you encounter it while browsing the Web, an alert will load in place of the requested page. Although it indicates that the problem does not lie with your own computer, there are a few things you can try to get through or around a Bad Gateway. HTTPHTTP is a protocol by which yo

How to Set up an AT&T DSL Gateway
by LinnheCreative in Internet
All the cords and blinking lights may make your AT&T DSL Gateway look frightening. Although it may look like a chore to deal with, connecting your new DSL modem is easy enough that you can do it even if you "aren't a computer person." This walk-through will show you how to connect the modem and locate configuration software for your device.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll N
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What Is a GSM Gateway?
by okhomenko in Electronics
Telephone service providers that use the global system for mobile communications, usually known as GSM, often require a fixed cellular terminal known as a GSM gateway to interface with networks using other technologies. FunctionAccording to the telephony website VoIP Info, a GSM gateway serves as an interface between telephone networks using GSM technology and those using other transport method
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How to Fix a Bad Gateway
by Jason Dockery in Computers
If you have a bad gateway configured on your computer, you are unable to gain access to the Internet and browse online websites. You must change the default gateway on your computer to route your Internet traffic to a known good gateway. A default gateway is the router used to access the Internet. The gateway setting is on a home or office computer, and you can quickly reconfigure your settings to
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How to take Apart a Gateway FX P-78
by Tim Tyrrell in Computers
Modern laptops are designed to be difficult to disassemble. While accessing the battery or memory modules is a simple task, replacing the keyboard, CPU or motherboard takes time and concentration. Gateway laptops all follow the same basic disassembly process: end modules, keyboard, monitor, and motherboard. The P-78 series is no exception.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You
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