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Difference Between a General Journal & General Ledger in Accounting
by MD. in Business
Accountants use different tools when recording and reporting a company's financial transactions. Two of the most common tools are the general journal and general ledger. Most -- if not all -- companies use these tools to organize financial information in an understandable manner. Though related, each item has a specific role in the accounting possible. General JournalThe general journal is a ch

General Journal Vs. General Ledger
by TheVrolok in Business
Accounting standards -- such as U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission edicts and generally accepted accounting principles -- require that a business set sound measures for record keeping and financial reporting. These measures cover everything from the way corporate bookkeepers post entries in general journals to how financial managers review general ledgers before reporting performance data.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Vs. Commercial General Liability Insurance
by Steve O. in Business
"Comprehensive" coverage means covered unless excluded. "Commercial" coverage is for businesses. In 1985, after a flurry of environmental litigations, including asbestos claims; workplace harassment suits; and other liability claims cost the insurance industry billions, companies decided to limit their liability through a new policy form. The "comprehensive" form morphed into the "commercial" form

How to Become a General
by seventy6 in Careers & Job Searching
Army, Air Force and Marine generals and Navy and Coast Guard admirals command thousands of personnel and billions of dollars worth of military equipment. Stars are not conferred lightly, for generals and admirals shoulder awesome responsibilities.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Internet Access
Career Counseling
College Guides
Academic Counselings
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General Question about MD5
by static AG in Programming Languages

So im just playing around with PHP and the MD5 functionality, sorry if this sounds really silly, but I cant seem to understand, how is it possible to represent an unlimited number of characters of input into a 32 bit character output? Is my logic sound here? Or is there a limit to the input that a MD5 function can take?


How to Become a General Doctor
by CodeAndLearn in Careers & Job Searching
Becoming a general doctor can bring a lucrative salary as well as the opportunity to benefit others by helping them enjoy better health. General practitioners usually see all the members of one family and hear first from their patients if any new illnesses or unusual symptoms occur in their lives.
GPs treat a variety of health problems themselves; however, if an ailment proves too complex fo

Uses of the General Ledger
by Spasas in Business
The general ledger is an important accounting tool for any business. Typically set up in a two column format with a listing of accounts and the debits and credits to those accounts, it is used inside and outside of the firm to obtain a partial picture of a company's financial condition. Revenue StreamThe general ledger tracks account payments and receipts. In summary of the general journal's ch

What Is a SAP General Ledger?
by Caleb Ames in Business
A systems application and processes (SAP) general ledger is a software system that culls external and internal data from a variety of ancillary software modules: sales and shipping, payroll and human resources, purchasing, maintenance and repairs, quality control management, inventories, including raw materials, storeroom supplies and finished goods. SAPSAP software is designed for companies to

General SVM implementation
by itsmegb in Network & Servers

   I want to learn General SVM implementation which uses QP problem for training. Initially I do not want to learn Sequential minimal Optimization(SMO) kind of algorithm which over comes the QP matrix size issue. Can any one please give me some references to learn Pure General SVM implementation in any programming languages like C,C++ or Java. So that I can understand basic issu

general situation in web app?
by KaoFloppy in Web Design

I have 5 messages and below the messages there is a combobox for the user to post a new message in my browser. now the user posted a new message so as i dont want to refresh the entire page i have intiated an ajax call. so i am sending the message to the server via ajax and on the server my web app stores the message into the database. up to here i am clear.

now after saving it int

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