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EF4: For a new app, is it better to generate db scripts for an empty db, or generate class from an db with tables in already in place?
by Furchin in Coding

For my first app I created the db and the tables it used. I was not impressed that I had to use buddy classes for validation, but at least I know what I am doing now.
For my next app, is it worth learning instead how to create db scripts to populate an empty db, and do it that way round? I suspect it is, but let me know what you think.

Running rails generate scaffold does not generate model
by BOOTYMONSTER in Programming Languages

If I type (copy / paste exactly from "rails g scaffold --help")

rails generate scaffold purchase amount:decimal tracking_id:integer:uniq

Then the controller is created, views, the model is created.. but it contains no properties.
It literally contains:

class Purchase < ActiveRecord::Base

Am I missing someth

Faster to generate thumbnail and write to response in Handler or generate in Http module and let IIS handler the rest?
by Dittmar in Programming Languages

What will be faster:

Generate a thumbnail then write the stream to the Http response using an Http Handler.
Generate a thumbnail in a http module on one of the earliest events and let IIS handle the rest of the request.


Generate a WSDL for a class which calls other complex classes and generate the Client Source code from WSDL
by demetris in Programming Languages

I have a java class "DBActions" that talks to the Database , but I want to implement it through webservice . I created a WSDL for the class with wsgen and published it on local host. Then I generated the Client source code using the hosted WSDL with wsimport.

DBActions has methods that use other Classes like TestSuite. I have TestSuite generated on my Client as well. But the problem

if asp:Panel generate a div, what generate a span?
by Xander in Programming Languages

I'd like to know how to insert a span with an asp:Control (not in the cs, but build it in the aspx) instead of a div.

Anyone know?

Generate thumbnail images at run-time when requested, or pre-generate thumbnail in harddisk?
by Jan D in Programming Languages

I was wondering, which way of managing thumbnail images make less impact to web server performance.

This is the scenario:

1) each order can have maximum of 10 images.
2) images does not need to store after order has completed (max period is 2 weeks).
3) potentially, there may have a few thousands of active orders at anytime.
4) orders with images will f

Is there a way to generate page post previews via the API in the same way we can generate advert previews?
by Yserbius in Development Tools & Services

I'd like to generate the previews in the same manner they are generated in the Power editor or Facebook UI. Is it possible via the API or do I have to mock it up?

How can generate Accessors fron entity in Doctrine2 using generate:entity
by Dennis Caldwell in Programming Languages

I am using this to generate getters and setters for my all classes in Bundle.

php app/console doctrine:generate:entities Acme/UserBundle

This is working fine.

When i use this , to update single entity then i get error

php app/console doctrine:generate:entity AcmeUserBundle:User

Then i get error

Generate table(html table) through C# - how to generate 'th' tags?
by Guid in C & C++ & C#

I am generating a html table dynamically through C# code. I want to be able to generate 'th' tags dynamically.

My code goes something like this

HtmlTableCell cell1 = new HtmlTableCell();
cell1.InnerHtml = "blah";

I want to designate cell1 as a header row column i.e a tag. How should i go about it?

“rails generate” creates new “generate” project?
by socurious in Programming Languages

Running the command generates new rails projects:

$ rails generate controller home index

The above will create four new rails projects: generate, controller, home, and index

Why is this happening?

I'm using rails (2.3.5)

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