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GeoIP IPv4 database returning incorrect country codes - GeoIP update required?
by Tim Tyrrell in Programming Languages

I am using the following code with the IPv4 database, however I am noticing a number of IP addresses coming with the wrong country code.

Is there a updated binary GeoIP database for IPv4?

Looking at http://maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/ it appears there are only updates for IPv6.

$gi = geoip_open("/usr/local/share/GeoIP/Geo

Geoip by folder
by sql-server in Web Design

I have an htaccess problem that is hurting my brain. My site structure is:

Folder A
Folder B
Folder C
Folder D

I am using geoip to redirect certain countries that visit my site to another version of it in FOLDER D, that works fine however I need those countries to also access FOLDER C from FOLDER D
My htaccess currently is:

TAGS : Geoip folder

Powerdns maxmind geoip
by David Colebatch in Programming Languages

Good day, im trying to add geoip functionality to powerdns gmysql backend.
Modifying lookup() function -
in pdns/backends/gsql/gsqlbackend.hh

GeoIP * gi;
GeoIPRegion *region;

in pdns/backends/gsql/gsqlbackend.hh

region = GeoIP_reg

GeoIP on shared hosting
by phokus in Programming Languages

Some of the website's I've made are having problems with spammers. I've made sure that messages have to be approved before they are published, but lately it's been getting a lot worse.

There's only one link I can see between all the spam messages. All of the IP addresses are, according to geoiplookup, from China (and a few from Ukraine). I thought "Well, that's easy. Ju

Geoip: Select value from array in php
by zealot1983 in PHP

I have this sample:

$region = geoip_region_by_name('www.example.com');
if ($region) {

it will print:

[country_code] => US
[region] => CA

I want to do this:

$region = geoip_region_by

Installing GeoIP On WAMP
by keyed in Web Design

I found about this PHP Extension before few days. Can anyone explain me how to install GeoIP on WAMP?

Include GeoIP.dat into the ClickOnce Deployment
by damomurf in Programming Languages

I created a C# application, that depends on the MaxMind GeoIP.dat file to work.

How can I include it into the ClickOnce build so the GeoIP.dat file gets automatically installed into the application directory?

I added the GeoIP.dat as a resource but that didn't help, it doesn't get included.

Install GeoIP (maxMind) on Heroku
by CookingCoder in Web Design

i'm wondering how i can install GeoIp (maxMind GeoIP) on Heroku for a Django use.

Any idea?


Magento - How I can Run Store by Country by GeoIP?
by Paul McKee in Development Tools & Services

I want run store by IP of the customer.

In the backend of Magento, the user may configure the concret Store to load per country.

Taking a glance, I see the method at class Mage_Core_Model_App

public function run($params)
$options = isset($params['options']) ? $params['options'] : array();

.js file and maxmind geoip script
by Skee in Web Design

I have a video site where users upload their videos and then they get an embed code from us to post it in their sites. I'm trying to make it faster with Maxmind's geo ip scripts but i'm stuck at this point. This is my actual .js file i need to put geolocation on and depending on their country, they need to get a different code. This is my actual js file:


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