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Difference Between West German & East German Shepherd Dogs
by Minh Nguyen in Pets
East German shepherds and west German shepherds represent two types among many types of the German shepherd dog breed (also called the Alsatian). The east and west German shepherd differences have been influenced by the conditions within their homelands while the country remained divided. The East and West DivisionThe east and west division in German Shepherd lines occurred because of the divis

Differences Between German & American German Shepherd Dogs
by ChristianM in Pets
The German Shepherd, widely known for it's courage, loyalty and ability to be trained, is one of the most well-known breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Modern-day German Shepherds descend from early herding and farm dogs of Germany. The popularity of the German Shepherd spread rapidly from about 1914 onward to many parts of the world, including America. Although the American and German

German Vs. American Bloodline for German Shepherd Dogs
by DarkKnightDude in Pets
The German shepherd dog bloodlines in America barely resemble the German shepherd dog bloodlines of Germany. The two differ dramatically in both temperament and appearance. The German breeders have focused on retaining the dog breed's working ability combined with outstanding looks. They focus on maintaining the physical capabilities of the dogs, but the American breeders focus more on what the do

Do I Have to Speak German to Go to a German College?
by Excessi0n in Education
German universities offer a different curriculum and educative experience than their American counterparts. The opportunity to study in a country steeped in literary, artistic and cultural history attracts thousands of students from outside of Germany every year. Understanding which courses require German language proficiency and which don't can help prospective students choose the program of stud

How to Substitute Cocoa Powder for German Chocolate Bar in German Chocolate Cake
by Jules in Food & Drink
German chocolate cake, known for its dark chocolate flavor, toasted coconuts, bittersweet chocolate icing and roasted nuts, is not a product of Germany at all. Rather, the company Bakers Chocolate, founded in 1852 by Samuel German, released a recipe for German's chocolate cake in the mid-1950s. To make this decadent dessert, most recipes call for a bar of sweet chocolate or a mix of semisweet choc

Differences Between German Shepherds and Long-Haired German Shepherds
by Gipsy.D in Pets
German shepherds are well known as police, military and guard dogs. As a family pet, the breed is known for its ability to protect its owner and his family. Owners find their German shepherds guarding the front door of their home. German shepherds are a popular and common breed. The long-haired German shepherd differs from its short-haired counterpart and is not so well known. Recognized BreedT

How to Say Hello in German
by jwright30 in Culture & Society
The German language is mainly spoken in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Like English, German stems from the Germanic language. German has Latin roots but is Indo-European in origin, when it branched off into a language called Proto-Germanic. The difference between the Indo-European languages and this Proto-Germanic branch is a consonant shift. Saying words like "Hello"
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German Hop Planting
by aafr in Home & Garden
Germans have added the female cones of the hop plant to beer for centuries. Hops give beer its characteristic bitter flavor, and before pasteurization, they helped preserve it as well. Downy mildew ended commercial hop growing in the Eastern United States, though backyard growers still cultivate the vines, which thrive in the drier west. A hop vine will grow 15 to 25 feet tall, so choose a sunny l
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How to Recycle a German Car
by Super56K in Cars
Admitting that your old, well-loved German car is ready for retirement can be difficult. Instead of letting it collect dust and rust in your garage or trying unsuccessfully to sell it for much less than you think it is worth, try recycling it. The parts and pieces of your old car will still be on the road, helping to make another car run. Although the thought of recycling an entire car may seem
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How to Eat German Sausage
by Verbal in Food & Drink
Knowing how to eat sausage can make the difference between a complex, delicious meal and a recipe that is lacking the taste of meat. There are many different ways to eat sausage, because its flavoring can enhance many difference recipes. Whether it's breakfast sausage, sausage links or hot links, sausages can add another dimension to an already well-tasting meal. If you are unable to figure out wh
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