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jQuery Mobile swipe gesture in page with draggable gesture element
by eskimospy in Programming Languages

I'm using jQuery Mobile to switch between various html external pages and on a page I have an draggable element like this:

var moveMe = function(e) {
var orig = e.originalEvent;
var x = event.touches[0].pageX;
if(x>=275 && x<709){
left: orig.changedTouches[0].pageX
Creating a gesture definition for a simple static gesture using Kinect - part 2
by Edwin41 in Programming Languages

I have implemented the sample code and used the 'Joint.ID' instead of 'Joint.Type', I just need to work out whether/how this code can be continuously checked within a loop. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Notes of advice:-

void newSensor_AllFramesReady fires when Color/Depth/Skeleton are synchronized. I'm not too sure where to place this method

disable UIPageViewController gesture recognizer while in Handing longPressed gesture
by sarah in Mobile Programming

I have a UIPageViewController and each Page contains multiple UIViews on the page, each UIView allows Pan gesture after a longPress gesture, I use the following delegate in the contentVC, but it appears the pageVC doesn't care my restriction below and it continue to flip the page! do I have to do anything to disable the page turning while I am in panning? (the last resort will be setting an var

Creating a gesture definition for a simple static gesture using Kinect
by Techhog in Programming Languages

I have created a Kinect application using the Kinect SDK and WPF in C#.

I want to create a simple static gesture recognition method that outputs a Messagebox when the user raises their 'rightHand' (JointID.HandRight) joint over their 'Head' (JointID.Head) joint at runtime.

I know that I need create a defintion for this gesture and run this agai

detect rotate gesture and scale gesture iphone sdk
by Knoxy in Mobile Programming

I want to rotate the uiimageview also scale the image view so how do i detect touch gesture that user is scaling or user is rotating?

How to detect pinch in gesture vs pinch out gesture?
by Ken in Programming Languages

Instead of scaling, which I think pinch gesture is usually used for, I am looking to just detect whether the pinch was a pinch in vs pinch out so I can collapse or expand some table sections. How would I go about doing that?

How could i drag it by using Gesture?
by jasonmoo in Programming Languages

By using Gestures, can i able to drag like this image ? I mean, have to drag as a tick mark . So for this onClickListener must be used. After it performs,then it should be able to open another screen finally in a display part.

When i use my hand, i mean if i put tick mark , then it should be able to call the particular method.

I wanna write a code by using Gestures and

recognizing gesture in iOS
by google-app-engine in Operating Systems

who knows which would be the following gesture:
Imagine I click within some region (say a button), I hold the finger down,
don't release it, and move the finger outside the region area??
is there some gesture to it?

I have a button which starts up in a selected/highlighted state, but if a user clicks
on it (using a finger), doesn't release his/her finger, moves h

multi key gesture in wpf
by zealot1983 in Web Design

I have a RoutedUICommand called Comment Selection. I need to add an input gesture for this command as it is in VIsual Studio, ie. (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C).
How can I do this? Plz help me. (Keep VS functionality in mind).

Regards, Jawahar

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How to Gesture During a Speech
by Stone in Education
Gestures should augment the points in your speech, not distract from them.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Laser Pointers
Index Cards

Create opportunities for making gestures during a speech by using phrases such as "On the one hand ... on the other hand," and by numbering your points.
Begin speaking with your hands together. As you speak, your hands w

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