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jQuery Mobile swipe gesture in page with draggable gesture element
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using jQuery Mobile to switch between various html external pages and on a page I have an draggable element like this:

var moveMe = function(e) {
var orig = e.originalEvent;
var x = event.touches[0].pageX;
if(x>=275 && x<709){
left: orig.changedTouches[0].pageX
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Creating a gesture definition for a simple static gesture using Kinect - part 2
Category : Programming Languages

I have implemented the sample code and used the 'Joint.ID' instead of 'Joint.Type', I just need to work out whether/how this code can be continuously checked within a loop. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Notes of advice:-

void newSensor_AllFramesReady fires when Color/Depth/Skeleton are synchronized. I'm not too sure where to place this method

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Creating a gesture definition for a simple static gesture using Kinect
Category : Programming Languages

I have created a Kinect application using the Kinect SDK and WPF in C#.

I want to create a simple static gesture recognition method that outputs a Messagebox when the user raises their 'rightHand' (JointID.HandRight) joint over their 'Head' (JointID.Head) joint at runtime.

I know that I need create a defintion for this gesture and run this agai

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disable UIPageViewController gesture recognizer while in Handing longPressed gesture
Category : Mobile Programming

I have a UIPageViewController and each Page contains multiple UIViews on the page, each UIView allows Pan gesture after a longPress gesture, I use the following delegate in the contentVC, but it appears the pageVC doesn't care my restriction below and it continue to flip the page! do I have to do anything to disable the page turning while I am in panning? (the last resort will be setting an var

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detect rotate gesture and scale gesture iphone sdk
Category : Mobile Programming

I want to rotate the uiimageview also scale the image view so how do i detect touch gesture that user is scaling or user is rotating?

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How to detect pinch in gesture vs pinch out gesture?
Category : Programming Languages

Instead of scaling, which I think pinch gesture is usually used for, I am looking to just detect whether the pinch was a pinch in vs pinch out so I can collapse or expand some table sections. How would I go about doing that?

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How could i drag it by using Gesture?
Category : Programming Languages

By using Gestures, can i able to drag like this image ? I mean, have to drag as a tick mark . So for this onClickListener must be used. After it performs,then it should be able to open another screen finally in a display part.

When i use my hand, i mean if i put tick mark , then it should be able to call the particular method.

I wanna write a code by using Gestures and

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How to add gesture to map overlay
Category : Programming Languages

My app stores thousands of latitude, longitude details from CLLocationManager to draw the overlay on the map. Now I wanted to add gesture to that overlay and show out some message when touch overlay not anywhere else. Could anyone come up with simple solution for this?

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recognizing gesture in iOS
Category : Operating Systems

who knows which would be the following gesture:
Imagine I click within some region (say a button), I hold the finger down,
don't release it, and move the finger outside the region area??
is there some gesture to it?

I have a button which starts up in a selected/highlighted state, but if a user clicks
on it (using a finger), doesn't release his/her finger, moves h

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multi key gesture in wpf
Category : Web Design

I have a RoutedUICommand called Comment Selection. I need to add an input gesture for this command as it is in VIsual Studio, ie. (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C).
How can I do this? Plz help me. (Keep VS functionality in mind).

Regards, Jawahar

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TAGS : multi gesture

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