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how to give authentication pf any page ? give the code to solve this question
by dagar in Programming Languages

i want that only sign in user can only see the page .other user cannot see befor sign in?

Why Roses Give off the Scent That They Give Off
by antonio in Home & Garden
The scent of a rose is one of the best-loved fragrances in the world; upon seeing one, that distinctive scent is almost expected. However, not all roses smell alike. Many do not have any fragrance at all. For those that do, several factors play into the scent of a rose. Most important is the variety of the rose. The oils in the petals, the amount of light a rose is exposed to and the time of day a

Finding who is whose manager from the give table. I have given the reqired table and resultant table below. Give query for SQL server 2005
by VirtualLarry in Coding
ID Name Mgr
1 Ajay 4
2 Vijay 5
3 Nayeem 1
4 Rakesh 3
5 Varun 4
6 Bhupesh 1

I want the result as

Name Mgr
Ajay Rakesh
Vijay Varun
Nayeem A

If You Give a Gift for a Bridal Shower Do You Also Give a Wedding Gift?
by Ph33zy in Weddings
Attending a wedding can be expensive, especially when guests also receive invitations to pre-wedding parties such as engagement parties, showers and bachelorette parties. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars between the cost of traveling and purchasing gifts to attend these events; if you feel hesitant to give a wedding gift because you've already purchased a shower gift, however, think again.

How to Give CPR
by Erenhardt in Health
Learning the correct way to give CPR is important for the safety of everyone around you. You have the opportunity to keep the victim's heart beating if he is unconscious and unresponsive while you're waiting for help to arrive. If you learn CPR, you may even save the life of one of your loved ones.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Make sure that the area surrounding the victim is sa
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how he give me 0?
by James Clarke in Web Design

i have a

var ID= "12,32,23,78";
var i = ID.split(',');

if i do this then work fine but when it is only 12 then he give me 0. how i can solve this issue if i need to check if it have then how

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How not to give up on VIM?
by mii in Web Design

I have started to do some programming using VIM.
I have very mixed feelings so far. On one side I do love the idea, on the other - it is just hard to remember everything.

So I took the approach of learning while actually doing some stuff (for Ruby on rails development).
Unfortunately there is no chance in hell for me to be more productive as in other "conventional" text editor

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How to Give a man hug
by Ferzerp in Culture & Society
While men have come a long way towards equality with women, there is still something a bit uncomfortable for many men about a man on man hug. However, if a moment arises when a hearty handshake just doesn't cut it for the occasion, you can give a good hug without anyone questioning your manliness.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Start off with a firm and hearty handshake. If the moment mi
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How to Give Away a Car
by Roman in Cars
After years of work commutes and road trips, your car may need a few repairs and a little paint. You take the car to the dealer for repairs and find yourself looking at new cars. If you get a new car, what will you do with the old one? When you part with a car, you can sell, donate or give it away. If selling is out of the question, you may want to donate the car to a charity for a tax deduction.
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How to Give a Cat CPR
by Ferzerp in Pets
It's your worst nightmare. Your beloved cat has stopped breathing and you don't know what to do. You have to take action fast and the one thing that may save is life is CPR. By following the steps below you could give your cat a fighting chance.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Check to see if your cat is still breathing. First, put your hand in front of the cat's nose to feel for any air
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