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gmagick geometry
by luger in Programming Languages

I was running into the following issue:

// $data contains some image data
$gm = new gmagick;
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create GIF animation using Gmagick
by Dannar26 in Programming Languages

I have some jpg files i want to create gif animated from them. i cant find useful method in gmagick for this problem. any one know about it?

I need simple example for it.

Can't install gmagick on Windows 7 XAMPP
by Georgia in Programming Languages

I have XAMPP 1.8.1 with PHP 5.4.7 installed. When I add php_gmagick_ts.dll to my php.ini (I made sure that I need the ts and not the nts version), upon restarting Apache I'm getting these errors:

The procedure entry point php_checkuid_ex could not be located in the
dynamic link library php5ts.dll

and after that one:

PHP Startup: Unable

How to add Imagick or Gmagick Library to CodeIgniter?
by Meski in Programming Languages

I am a newbie in CodeIgniter. And would like to know how am I suppose to add Imagick/Gmagick ilbrary to codeigniter, so that I can use it in my codes?

Thanks in advance.

php Gmagick save jpeg quality
by bkircher in Programming Languages

I can't find any property during save or work with Gmagick php extension.

Any one know how can i change JPEG quality in Gmagick?

Does Gmagick have a method like Imagick::thresholdImage?
by postmortemIA in Programming Languages

I'm trying to create a scripts with PHP's pecl module Gmagick to remove a somewhat white background from an image. On the command line I use the following two commands for imagemagick:

convert source.jpg ( +clone -fx 'p{0,0}' )
-compose Difference -composite
-modulate 100,0 -alpha off -threshold 10% source_mask.png
convert source.jpg source_mask.

How to draw transparent stuff on a Gmagick image?
by demetris in Programming Languages
$img = new Gmagick('blabla.png');
$img->setimagecolorspace(Gmagick::COLORSPACE_TRANSPARENT); // <-- i dont' know what this is but it sounds nice so I added it :P
$text = new GmagickDraw();
$text->setfillopacity(0.4); // <-- not working right?
$img->annotateimage($text, 20f, 20,

PHP Gmagick SetImageResolution compared to Imagick SetResolution Error
by Krysole in Development Tools & Services

Need to convert Imagick to Gmagick for a pdf reader, and got problems with the following code snippets:

//With Imagick
$oTempImage = new Imagick();
$oTempImage->setResolution($this->oTileOptions->density, $this->oTileOptions->density);
//With Gmagick

Install gmagick in windows server 2008 for php 5.4 with apache
by Nate Childers in PHP

I've developed a program in php using the gmagick API in fedora, and now I'm deploying it on windows server 2008. I've set up php 5.4.8 and apache 2.4.3, which is working fine, but apperently, when I've tried to download gmagick for windows, it seems that there is no version available for windows and php 5.4, and the latest post I've seen was in September.

Does anyone know if there

Enabling Gmagick PHP module causes ImageMagick (Imagick) module to report 0 supported formats
by dcutting in PHP

I'm trying to get both imagick and gmagick extensions enabled on the same machine (ubuntu 12.04 - though same problem in older versions).

I have a working ImageMagick/Imagick installation - with 206 supported formats...up until the moment I enable the gmagick module - then it reports that 0 are supported. I was able to isolate the problem thanks to this response: http://stackoverfl

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