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Google APIs Client Library for Java or Google Drive for accessing Google calendar / tasks from Android
by Robert M in Java

I'm trying to sync data from Google calendar and tasks to Android and was wondering what is the best way . I have found:

Google APIs Client Library for Java (http://code.google.com/p/google-api-java-client/)


Google Drive

If there a difference between the two? (https://developers.google.com/drive/integrate-android-ui)

Embedding Google drive videos on a Google Site using Google Apps Script just gives me a Grey Border
by DigDog in Development Tools & Services

I'm looking for a programmatic way to include videos from Google Drive on a Google Site. My current plan is to have a spreadsheet seeded with the embed URL per row that is then mined via Google Apps Script to embed the content.

However, at the core of this program, I believe I am running into a known issue based on the similarity to http://code.google.com/p/google-apps-script-issue

Excel VB macro stopped working after Google switched from Google Insights to Google Trends
by Pablo in Development Tools & Services

I had an Excel VB macro that automatically download CSV files from Google Insights, it was working fine and the piece of code that downloads the CSV file is:

OutputFile = "http://google.com/insights/search/overviewReport?q=" _
& termsAndTickers(counter, 1) & "&cmpt=q&content=1&export=2"

However, after Google switched from Google Insights to Google Trends, the c

How to open an unconverted google spreadsheet with google apps script (google sheets)
by Walruz in Development Tools & Services

I've got the current code to open a google spreadsheet

var spreadSheet = SpreadsheetApp.openById(docId);

Which works fine for converted google spreadsheets.

But how do I open an unconverted xls file using the google sheets app? (It defaults to using the google drive viewer when I do it like above mentioned)


New Google API Key “Google Maps API v3” doesn't work for Google Places API?
by neosephiroth86 in Development Tools & Services

I am working with the Google Places API (https://developers.google.com/places/documentation/search), and have generated a new Google API Key with 'Any IP Allowed'. When I try to get the results of the API service URLs below, I am getting a REQUEST DENIED error.


Google Apps Script To Help Error When Embedding Google Spreadsheet in a Google Site?
by Leo in Development Tools & Services

Spreadsheet A is the master data source for the group that welcomes Newcomers to our little town. It has a ton of very sensitive data in it and cannot be public, not even a little bit. (We're talking about names and birth dates of kids and where they go to school . . . keeping Spreadsheet A secure is mission critical.)

So, Spreadsheet B uses an importRange and a query to pull the ne

Example display of Google Spreadsheet data in Google site via Google Apps Script
by Vasiliy in Development Tools & Services

I see that some people are trying to grab data from google spreadsheets via google apps script to stick in their google sites:

How to access data on different Google Spreadsheet through Google Apps Script?

I could bash away at code snippets, but I don't suppose anyone has got a working example anywhere?

Many thanks in advance

Google Map v2: how to retrieve existing google markers from google Gmap2 object
by Paul in Development Tools & Services

I hope the title is clear. I would like to retrieve the existing google markers from my Gmap2 object. Is there any method for this?

Difference between Google API libraries: google-api-dotnet-client vs. google-gdata
by toutatis in Programming Languages

What is the difference between the Google APIs Client Library for .NET (google-api-dotnet-client) and .NET library for the Google Data API (google-gdata) as they pertain to the Google Analytics API?

Google App Script to Integrate Google Spreadsheet in Google Site
by Kagee in Development Tools & Services

Hi I am new to stackoverflow.
I am trying to integrate google spreadsheets in google site according to this tutorial
and I have added triggers which are fired in every 4 hours as google has limit on no of triggers.

The problem is links are showing in google site but only of those spreadshee

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