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Google APIs Client Library for Java or Google Drive for accessing Google calendar / tasks from Android
Category : Java

I'm trying to sync data from Google calendar and tasks to Android and was wondering what is the best way . I have found:

Google APIs Client Library for Java (http://code.google.com/p/google-api-java-client/)


Google Drive

If there a difference between the two? (https://developers.google.com/drive/integrate-android-ui)

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Embedding Google drive videos on a Google Site using Google Apps Script just gives me a Grey Border
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm looking for a programmatic way to include videos from Google Drive on a Google Site. My current plan is to have a spreadsheet seeded with the embed URL per row that is then mined via Google Apps Script to embed the content.

However, at the core of this program, I believe I am running into a known issue based on the similarity to http://code.google.com/p/google-apps-script-issue

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Excel VB macro stopped working after Google switched from Google Insights to Google Trends
Category : Development Tools & Services

I had an Excel VB macro that automatically download CSV files from Google Insights, it was working fine and the piece of code that downloads the CSV file is:

OutputFile = "http://google.com/insights/search/overviewReport?q=" _
& termsAndTickers(counter, 1) & "&cmpt=q&content=1&export=2"

However, after Google switched from Google Insights to Google Trends, the c

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How to open an unconverted google spreadsheet with google apps script (google sheets)
Category : Development Tools & Services

I've got the current code to open a google spreadsheet

var spreadSheet = SpreadsheetApp.openById(docId);

Which works fine for converted google spreadsheets.

But how do I open an unconverted xls file using the google sheets app? (It defaults to using the google drive viewer when I do it like above mentioned)


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Example display of Google Spreadsheet data in Google site via Google Apps Script
Category : Development Tools & Services

I see that some people are trying to grab data from google spreadsheets via google apps script to stick in their google sites:

How to access data on different Google Spreadsheet through Google Apps Script?

I could bash away at code snippets, but I don't suppose anyone has got a working example anywhere?

Many thanks in advance

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Google Apps Script To Help Error When Embedding Google Spreadsheet in a Google Site?
Category : Development Tools & Services

Spreadsheet A is the master data source for the group that welcomes Newcomers to our little town. It has a ton of very sensitive data in it and cannot be public, not even a little bit. (We're talking about names and birth dates of kids and where they go to school . . . keeping Spreadsheet A secure is mission critical.)

So, Spreadsheet B uses an importRange and a query to pull the ne

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New Google API Key “Google Maps API v3” doesn't work for Google Places API?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I am working with the Google Places API (https://developers.google.com/places/documentation/search), and have generated a new Google API Key with 'Any IP Allowed'. When I try to get the results of the API service URLs below, I am getting a REQUEST DENIED error.


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Difference between Google API libraries: google-api-dotnet-client vs. google-gdata
Category : Programming Languages

What is the difference between the Google APIs Client Library for .NET (google-api-dotnet-client) and .NET library for the Google Data API (google-gdata) as they pertain to the Google Analytics API?

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Google Map v2: how to retrieve existing google markers from google Gmap2 object
Category : Development Tools & Services

I hope the title is clear. I would like to retrieve the existing google markers from my Gmap2 object. Is there any method for this?

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Google Contacts, Google Drive on Google App Engine 1.7.5 JAVA
Category : Java



Google Drive works but not Google Contacts. (i tried all kinds of solutions but never got both working together on Google App Engine where as it works in local devmode.)

calling: ContactsService gservice = new ContactsService("...");

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