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Core plot objective-c, graph having single plot is not automatically scaling even using [graph.defaultPlotSpace scaleToFitPlots:[graph allPlots]]
by Train in Mobile Programming

Core plot Objective-C, graph having single plot is not automatically scaling even using [graph.defaultPlotSpace scaleToFitPlots:[graph allPlots]]. How can i fix it?

In kendo ui How to Collapsing Graph could expand table but expanding graph then bring both the graph and table to be visible too
by ArdentRogue in Programming Languages

collapsing Graph could expand table but expanding graph immediately shall bring both the graph and table to be visible too,Vice versa.

Adding the omitted vertex while generating a random graph using Boost Graph library
by Michael in Programming Languages

I have a piece of code, that generates a random graph, with maximum of 4 edges from each vertex. The code is as follow:

int const N = read_int("Number of vertices: ",
"I did not understand, try again. Number of vertices: ");
// Creating a instance g of unigraph undirected graph
undigraph g;
//Assigining property(name) to graph vertex

graph - How to construct a graph for triangular strips in linear time even for worst case?
by Guilherme Costa in Development Tools & Services

In Graph, there is a triangular strip problem. Basically, we have a set of adjacent triangles and we want to consider each triangle as a new vertex and there will be an edge between two new vertices if the two triangles behind them have an edge in common.

My question here is about reading each triangle and construct the new strip graph for them.

For example, we have thes

Java Graph library which supports generic graph formats such as GraphML or GraphVIZ etc
by language-agnostic in Programming Languages

I am using Antlr (with Java) to parse some programs. I need to construct a graph out of parsed information. Later I want to run graph-algorithms on it which are already written in C++.

Right now I am using xml to dump the parsed information into a graph like data-structure. Then I have to parse this XML using c/c++ to make a native graph. Big headache!

Is there any graph

Boost Graph Library Undirected Graph No parallel edges enforcement
by ec888 in Programming Languages

I'm using the Boost Graph Library to process an undirected graph, and declared my graph has

typedef property<vertex_index_t, int, property<vertex_name_t, string> > VertexProperty;
typedef adjacency_list<vecS, setS, undirectedS, VertexProperty > UndirectedGraph;

As you can see, the OutEdgeList is of the type std::set and I chose it bec

How to get the coordinates of a graph drawn by specific layout algorithm in graph-tool?
by Davidpaul007 in Programming Languages

I want to do the example shown here. It works perfectly well on my machine. The problem is, I can't get the coordinates of the nodes as an array that are stored somewhere in the variable pos. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance for your response!

jqplot changes the color of graph on mouse hover when graph has many data points
by Nandor Devai in Programming Languages
height : 130,
width : 410,
fontSize : '9px',
seriesColors : [ '#3aa5dc',
'#032ecf' ],
series : [ {

Give an order for deleting vertices from a graph such that it doesn't disconnect the graph
by Retro Rob in Development Tools & Services

This is a question from Algorithm Design by Steven Skiena (for interview prep):

An articulation vertex of a graph G is a vertex whose deletion disconnects G. Let G be a graph with n vertices and m edges. Give a simple O(n + m) that finds a deletion order for the n vertices such that no deletion disconnects the graph.

This is what I thought:

Run DFS on the gra

Error: “Cannot parse DS in” when trying to plot graph with RRDs::graph
by RoBo in Programming Languages

Hi I am new to RRD and plotting graph with it. I am trying to plot a graph with following

RRDs::graph ($wwwDir."graphs2mtotal$rrdname.png", "-l 0", "-w 500", "-h 200", "-v Size", "-s now-5184000"
, "--base", "1024", "-x", "DAY:1:WEEK:1:WEEK:1:0:%d/%m", "-e now", "--title=$rrdheading"
, "DEF:DriveCap=D:xampphtdocsDiskusagerdResultPOPZ.rrd:$rrdCap:AVERAGE"

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