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What to Do When You Hate Your Job?
by kpkp in Careers & Job Searching
It would be wonderful if everyone could absolutely adore their jobs. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, a person despises his job. When you hate your job, you may feel like it will never get better and that you are stuck with no other options; this is far from the truth. Give Yourself a BreakTake a couple of days off from work where you have no contact with your employer and
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How to Get Along With Your Ex Even If You Hate Them
by Hugo in Relationships & Family
Getting along with your ex can be one of the toughest things you ever have to do in life especially if you have kids. We have complied a few tips to make it go a little smoother for you.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
More patience
Even More patience

One of the first things to remember is no matter what you say or do you will usual

How to Tell if You Hate Your Job
by Remyx in Careers & Job Searching
Most of us spend at least one-third of our lives working, and every employee can testify to the daily stresses of the workplace. When those work stresses become overwhelming, employees begin to really hate their jobs. So how do you know when the daily grind is grinding you down? Certain signs will indicate when the job is no longer even tolerable. Physical InventoryWork stress can cause physica
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I Hate My Job: What Can I Do?
by slpnshot in Business
Staying motivated and productive at work can be challenging if you are genuinely unhappy with your work. To find your way back to professional contentment, you need to rediscover what makes you truly happy at work. If you cannot find contentment with your current job or career, find new employment. IdentificationPeople cite numerous reasons for hating a job or wanting to move on to a different
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How to Tell a Guy That You Hate Him
by Max Ollerenshaw in Relationships & Family
When someone hurts your feelings, the immediate response is often to lash out in anger. This is especially true when you have romantic feelings for a guy. When you feel cheated or used, the pain can be unbearable, but try not to react right away. You may eventually regret any irrational decisions, so prepare yourself ahead of time. You want to clearly communicate your strong feelings without doing
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How to Cure Self-Hate
by br4dz in Health
Self-hatred, officially called autophobia, occurs when a person has an extreme dislike or hatred for himself. It's a destructive state of mind that can ruin self-esteem, relationships and quality of life. Self-hatred can develop because a person feels as though she is unworthy of anything, or it can develop because of guilt, perfectionism and depression. Taking positive steps away from this destru
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How to Compliment Someone You Hate
by Matthieu Bozec in Relationships & Family
Most people don't get along with everyone that they meet. However, it is best to not to make it widely known that you dislike or hate someone. While we may hate someone, there has to be something deep down that we like about that person. Be the better person and compliment someone who you hate and see if it changes the dynamics of your relationship.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Keep it on the

What Causes a Man to Hate Women?
by Mikebob in Relationships & Family
Hatred can range from a general attitude to actual violence. Men who hate women are usually conditioned by their culture, family or actions perpetrated against them by a woman specifically or women in general. Hatred of women is a complex psychological condition that can originate from a variety of psychological causes but can often be treated by a trained therapist. Emotional Roots of Hatred o

How to Make a Guy Hate You
by Alex Bartzas in Culture & Society
There are numerous reasons you might want a particular man to detest you. Maybe you've grown tired of a longstanding relationship. Or maybe there's a new certain someone hanging around whom you want to lose in no uncertain terms. Whatever your reason, follow these time-honored and tested steps if you really want to make a guy hate you. In no time at all, you'll be free again. (Until the next guy h
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How to Overcome Hate
by Spain in Health
Learning how to overcome hate remains an ongoing spiritual practice for many people Whether the hate involves something more or less trivial, such as hating to cook or a more consuming type of hatred such as that for another person or group, accruing the patience and wisdom to work through issues of hate can be a lifelong journey.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Identify the object of your hatre
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