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JS: incrementing pages (page1.html, page2.html,page3.html…) for window.replace
by hovergirl in Web Design

What approach should for this scenario. I want the page to go to the next page after it finishes all the function it needs to.

so, example. after all function for page1.html has been done, it will call a function next_page().

next_page() function will evaluate the current page and add "1" it. so from page2.html it will now be page3.html. page3.html will also contain the

HTML - insert user-created HTML into a HTML page: escaping and discarding format
by rixtertech in Development Tools & Services

I have an HTML page which needs to display some HTML generated by the user on the Administration area (like a blog, for instance). The problem is that the user sometimes needs to copy-paste tables and other "garbage" content from Word/Excel to the WYSIWYG editor (that has the proper "paste from Word" function). This causes the resulting HTML code to be very dirty.

It wouldn't be a p

Html.LabelFor and Html.TextBoxFor generate empy html code
by Nate Bedortha in Programming Languages

I'm writing my first ASP.NET MVC application and there is one big problem for me. I want to make a control which will represent a form, but when I try to generate labels and textboxes it returns to me empty page.

So, this is my model file (MyModel.cs):

namespace MyNamespace.Models
public class MyModel
[Required(ErrorMessage = "You have

Passing HTML Attributes and [DisplayFormat] using Html.EditorFor and Html.TextBox
by cyclohexane in Programming Languages

I am trying to use Html.EditorFor for a value where I need both a DisplayFormat attribute and an HTML attribute (specfically a CSS class) to be applied.

Html.TextBox ignores the DisplayFormat attribute, and Html.EditorFor will not let me pass Html attributes. Other than writing the HTML myself, what is the preferred so

Email html - Well-formed HTML with all the html tree or
by Jules in Development Tools & Services

I have a doubt to build up an email layout.
Best practice is put all the html tree








very simply


Thanks in advance.

If I create webpages using html 5 elements, will I need equivalent html 4 webpages to support non html 5 browsers?
by ChristianM in Web Design

I would like to embrace html 5, if I use html 5 features, does that mean non-html 5 browsers won't be able to render properly?

Therefore, if I create webpages using html 5 elements, will I need to create equivalent html 4 webpages to support the non html 5 browsers?

Jquery html attribute : How to exclude an element's child's html from that element's html
by eb. in Programming Languages

Code snippet :

<div id="some_text">
<p>some text</p>
<div id="child">
<p>some other text</p>

How can I only get "<p>some text</p>"?

php: the best way to store data of arbitrary html elements in html to pass this data to innerHTML of elements on a HTML-page?
by Insomniator in Web Design

For example I have such string in php:

$str='<img title="title of image" src="../somepic.gif" alt="some pic image" class="someclass" style="somestiles" onload="alert(this)" />';
//it can be anything: '<br>123<P><script>' or '123</script>' (even with newlines
and other special symbols)

And I need it to s

Creating HTML Refresh Button that only refreshes info in a HTML Table on webpage
by rcpratt in Web Design

UPDATE: Sorry, forgot to include some of the code (face-palm). I included it in with the initial code provided so everything will be clear. I'm really new to this stuff so please forgive me for not having the time to learn jsfiddle right now (I know what it is and does though).

I have figured out the problem with the sort toggling every time the table updates. The sorting(

HTML email not received in gmail, but succeeds with yahoo, msn, aim, and work domain. Is it my HTML?
by DJ-phYre in Web Design

I have tried sending and HTML formatted email using ACYmailing for Joomla AND Mailchimp. It works for yahoo, msn, aim, my work domain but not for gmail.

I can send plain emails from my server to gmail but the HTML formatted newsletter doesn't work.

Someone suggested it may be my HTML code ~~~> Pastebin

I couldn't find a problem with it.

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