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Experimental CSS for IE: To hack or not to hack?
by Matthew Steed in Development Tools & Services

There are some eye-candy experimental CSS like border-radius (rounded corners) and gradients that I wish to use on my page. Unfortunately Internet Explorer does not support any of that yet. At least border-radius is coming on IE9, no word on gradients yet.

So would you recommend just leaving IE alone (most of my users will be on FF or Chrome anyways) or use images to "fix" the prese

Requesting a website by client side script = Cross Side Scripting Hack. But requesting a website by server side script is not a hack! Why?
by BHZ-GTR in Programming Languages

Generally, when we want to show the contents of some web page in the same page, we go for ajax requests. If say, I request to a web page in different domain with AJAX, it is not allowed because of the Cross side scripting error. But why is it allowed to access via a server side page. For e.g. we can use CURL in php to access any site.? Why is this feature OK for server side scripting and NOT OK

is there any IE8 only css hack?
by Janko in Development Tools & Services

For Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) I'd like to use the following CSS:

color : green;

I would like to apply a hack which only affects IE8, not to IE9, IE6 and 7.

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Looking for better hack
by Timothy in Web Design

I have page for which I want to load different template file for different browsers.

Example :

If browser is IE then load 1.tpl

& If browser is other than IE load 2.tpl

[ Here .tpl is template file having respective content & css ]

I tried using conditional tags :

<!--[if IE]>
{include fil

Non-IE6 IE7 hack
by DaveF in Web Design

I managed to create a page the crashes IE6 and 7 regularly as per here: http://raven-seo-tools.com/blog/2675/crash-ie6-with-only-css

I have a solution for non-IE browsers (display: inline-block), but the only way to get IE6/7 working is to use different CSS (display: inline). Normally I would have other browsers use inline-block, then in a seperate IE67 CSS file I would set display

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How to Use Hack a Day
by pttr in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The popular web site, Hack a Day, provides information and feedback for people wanting to hack software, games, technology and hardware of various types. Follow these steps to make the most of Hack a Day.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Visit the Hack a Day website (see Resources) and check out the column near the center right of the page labeled "hacks." Peruse the list and see what interests you.
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How to Hack
by ec888 in Computers
A hacker is a person who legally breaks into a computer system to identify the security flaws in that system. A hacker is someone companies hire to enter such systems and resolve these issues. People who hack into computer systems with malicious intent are actually known as "crackers"--this is not hacking. Read on to learn more.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Learn how to program. Start with
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How to Hack Your PSP
by Mistere in Hobbies, Games & Toys
There are many functions a PlayStation Portable (PSP) cannot perform because of limitations placed on the operating system by Sony.You can hack a PSP so that it can run programs created by other PSP enthusiasts as well as play games copied onto a memory card. You do not need to physically alter the PSP. A special battery called a Hybrid Pandora battery (also known as an LED Pandora 2-in-1) can alt
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How to Hack an HTC G1
by greggerz in Electronics
The HTC G1 phone features a GPS navigation system, 3G Internet connection and Google applications integration. The device also includes a 3.2-inch LCD display. You can hack your HTC G1 using a unique unlock code provided by T-Mobile. This unlock code enables you to use the phone on any wireless carrier, provided that you have that carrier's SIM card. The hack only takes a few minutes to complete.D
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How to Do the God Mode Hack for PS3
by Keeper in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The critically acclaimed 2007 video game "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare," manufactured by Infinity Ward, is a shooting game that gives you the ability to complete challenges in shooting, combat experience, military tactics and missions. The PC and PS3 versions of the game have many complicated levels; the "god mode" gives the user invincibility and unlimited weapons. The "god mode" is only availa
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