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What Do Hackers Do?
by zealot1983 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Though hackers are typically associated with being able to identify security issues with computers, software and databases, hacking can occur in almost any medium. A hacker is merely a person who sees a problem that needs to be solved and who creates a unique solution which he then freely shares with the rest of his community. MisconceptionsIn fact, what true hackers do has nothing to do with e
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How to Notify AOL of Hackers
by Tashi in Internet
AOL offers free web-based email called AOL Mail, which features unlimited storage, spell checking and spam and virus protection. While the service provides high security measures to prevent unauthorized access to email accounts, intruders, known as hackers, may still gain access to your account. Notify AOL promptly if your account or someone you know has an account hacked into.Difficulty:EasyInstr
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How to Get Rid of Facebook Hackers
by walkah in Internet
Facebook protects your account with a username and password, but hackers have ways of compromising your account that don't involve breaking into it. For example, clicking certain links within Facebook -- which, unbeknownst to you are malicious -- allows hackers to send out similar posts from your account. Secure your Facebook account to remove access from any hackers currently using it for malicio
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How to Get Rid of Hackers and Viruses
by asid in Internet
Protecting your computer from viruses and unauthorized access is an important part of using the Internet. "Firewall" is the technical term for software that protects unauthorized access to your computer via the Internet or a network. Most modern computers come with a built-in firewall. Anti-virus software detects and removes dangerous files that have already reached your computer. There are many d
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Computer Hackers
by PliotronX in Computers
Hacking dates back to the 19th century, when the first phone systems were "hacked" by groups of teens. Computer hacking today has affected many government agencies and the business world and is often used for identity theft crimes.
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How to Tell If Hackers Got Into a Computer
by arbeitandy in Computers
As essential as the Internet is to many computer users, it does come with some dangers--primarily the ability of a hacker to hack into your computer, plant Trojans and viruses and steal private information. Luckily, there are a number of ways to tell if your computer has been hacked. Unfortunately many of these checks only work if the user has taken some preventative steps to begin with.Difficulty

How to Track Hackers
by xeemzor in Computers
If you spend a lot of time connected to the Internet, it is only a matter of time before a hacker attempts to gain access to your computer. Proper security and firewalls are usually all that is needed to prevent them from gaining entry, but computer owners who are less focused on system security may have a hacker slipping through their open ports. If you should find yourself in the unfortunate pos
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How Can I Block Hackers?
by DaveStall in Internet
Computer hacking has become very common with the increase of Internet use in the 21st century. A 2009 report from the Internet Crime Complaint Center indicates 336,665 complaints about hacking were received in 2009, a 22.3 percent increase from 2008. In China, the country saw an 80 percent increase in reported hacking cases from 2006 to 2010. To avoid becoming a victim of computer hacking, it's im
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How to Be Safe From Hackers
by swassbac in Computers
The term "hacker" has changed over the years, but it is generally regarded as someone who is a major threat to your computer and security. Many hackers around the world do nothing but steal peoples' identities and information by hacking into their online networks and accounts. Your computer needs as much protection as your home does---maybe more. Most of the steps you can take to protect yourself
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The Objectives of Hackers
by Engr62 in Internet
Hacking means gaining unauthorized access into a computer system or online account. Hackers are often financially motivated, as stolen information can be used for material gain via scams or identity theft. High-profile websites may be targeted by hackers with the objective of showing off their skill in hacking or to make a public spectacle of the victim. Industrial or research systems may be hacke

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