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I'm having trouble handling the threads that handle the pipes in my heavy process handling program
by nseibert in Development Tools & Services

So here's the thing:

I'm supposed to make two funcitions and a struct that will allow for heavy processes handling. This is job.h:

#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <pthread.h>
typedef struct {
pid_t pid;
pthread_t pidA;
pthread_t pidB;
char *in;
char *out;

exception handling meaningful “handling instance id”
by Dannar26 in Programming Languages

In Enterprise library, exception handling block, we could use "handling Instance ID" to get the error id number which we can pass to the end user. With this ID, support team could look into the logs and see the detailed exception. Currently this ID is in the form of GUID. Is it possible to get it in simple integer so its more meaningful to the user and rest of the support team?

Need Suggestion/approach on handling third Party Error Handling and integration
by el3ctron in Programming Languages

Recently i working on a Online Test Portals more like to say a IDE. where end user is solving programmatic problems based on certain languages.i need to integrate a Code editor Codemirror and online ide and debugging tool ideone

Its a Test portal so i have to care about user answers a lot [Prime Concern].

The problem which are i facing is


Custom Error Handling not handling all runtime errors in iis 7.5 with classic asp
by Vietnam in Development Tools & Services

I've moved a Classic asp site from IIS 6 to a new server on Windows 2008 Server IIS 7.5.

While custom 404 handling and 500 error handling works, runtime errors due to bad URLs do not get handled.

For instance, hitting this: www.mysitename.com/<

Will give a runtime error; on the old server IIS 6 would treat it as a 404. What am I missing?

.NET RegistrySecurity API handling of non-canonical ACLs: Handling approach
by Hubb1e in Development Tools & Services

I'm attempting to add in an access rule to a RegistryKey like so:

using ( RegistryKey registry = OpenOrCreateMyKey() )
RegistrySecurity security = registry.GetAccessControl();
security.AddAccessRule( new RegistryAccessRule(
new SecurityIdentifier( WellKnownSidType.BuiltinUsersSid, null ),

Question on signal handling, interrupt handling
by luger in Operating Systems

While the process is executing a blocking system call, say read or write, signal has arrived.
Does the system call is terminated with the error EINTR?
Does the system call is restarted after handling the system call?

Suppose, system call is terminated with the error EINTR, Kernel handles the signal before returing to user space.

Does the signal handle is execu

php symfony exception handling/error handling
by besn in Programming Languages

Working on a symfony application that uses nusoap (is this the best method for integrating soap work with php/symfony?) for taking credit card payments.

I've simplified an example of my code below.

What I'm struggling with is the best way to handle exceptions. The example below only has 1 custom exception (where should my custom exceptions reside within the directory str

Exception Handling : AOP vs Classic Handling?
by laptop302.vn in Programming Languages

I'm working on a Plugin Loading Engine (.NET), its main roles are :

Loading Plugins
Connecting them to the appropriate Data Source
Launching the Plugins
Displaying the results

All the plugins implement the same Interface : IPluginand each plugin is launched in a separate BackGroundWorker ... All the BackgroundWorkers

Handling TelephonyManager (Handling Incoming calls, Dialed, Missed calls) : Is this possible in Android versions from 2.3
by ShayH in Android

I heard that we can not use TelephonyManager for detecting Incoming/Missed/Dialed calls from Android version 2.3 and above. Is this true? Incase yes, Do we have any workaround for handling the calls? Please suggest. Im in urgent need of it.

(PHP) Is handling a form submission on the same page more/less/equally good as handling on a separate page?
by sinisterDei in Programming Languages

I have a PHP form, and I'm wondering how I should handle submission. I remember when learning Rails that the behavior was to have a special handler page for a form, which then redirected the user to a landing page, which would prevent the user from accidentally re-submitting data by hitting the back button and going back to the form submission page.

For my PHP form, to avoid such er


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