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How can I debug a seemingly hardware-dependent issue with my Android app without access to the hardware?
Category : Android

I have an open-source application on the Android market. It seems to work fine for me (with over 1,000 active installs, I have to presume that it works for most people).

I recently got a bug report that indicated a problem for at least three users on Samsung phones (Intercept and Captivate). I have been unable to reproduce the problem on my ADP2 and on the emulator.


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How to translate hardware ascii to hardware scan code in win32
Category : Operating Systems

Is there a way to translate a character to its corresponding hardware scan code (not the virtual key code)? I need that to communicate with ancient hardware device.

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Is there a software/hardware combination that will let you control a at the hardware level via USB?
Category : Web Design

What I'm looking for is a device that does the following:

One end has a male VGA and a USB cable. This end gets plugged into any pc or server device that has the correct outputs.
The other end is just USB and gets plugged into a laptop cable.
In between is a "something" that grabs the VGA output and can pass USB back to the target from software running on the laptop.

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hardware-locked licensing: which hardware pieces should i use?
Category : Programming Languages

I've recently implemented a hardware-locked licensing system with fuzzy-matching to handle changes in hardware without requiring a re-activation, but i need more hardware pieces to match to be more secure / create more reliable fuzzy-matching.

Right now I'm matching against the following:

Physical mac address
Hard-drive serial number
RAM part number / manufacturer

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Desktop Computer Hardware Vs. Server Hardware
Category : Computers
When you are shopping for computer hardware or just learning about it, you will encounter distinctions between "server" devices and "desktop" devices. There are several key ways in which these types of hardware differ. Rack MountingServers are often stored in racks."HP servers" is Copyrighted by Flickr user: lilit (Ivana Jurcic) under the Creative Commons Attribution license.Mounting a server i

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How to implement floating point division in binary with no division hardware and no floating point hardware
Category : Programming Languages

I am wondering how to implement IEEE-754 32-bit single precision floating point division in binary with no division hardware and no floating point hardware?

I have shifting hardware, add, subtract, and multiply.

I have already implemented floating point multiplication, addition, and subtraction using 16-bit words.

I am implementing these instructions on a pro

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Hardware IDs using VB 6
Category : Programming Languages

It's a long time that I have given up MS platform and was working on open source, now I'm in a situation where I need user Hardware info. All hardware IDs of all devices of system including BIOS info. so I decided to go for VB6. It's easy in other languages, but they need dot net framework installed. How can this be done in VB6 alone.

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Hardware RNG - How to use?
Category : Programming Languages

Ok, I've just picked up a hardware RNG and it contains some simple functions as below,

GetRandomBytes(UInt Length,out object Array)
GetRandomDoubles(UInt Length,out object Array)

The functions seem to explain themselves pretty well, how would one use these functions effectivly to generate a number between a certain range?

More info from some

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What Is IR Hardware?
Category : Computers
Infrared hardware enables the transmission of data sent through waves in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This technology is often used in remote control technology, which has recently expanded to the realm of computers. Infrared WavesInfrared waves have a wavelength that place them between the microwave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and the portion of the spectru

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Help with Hardware ID
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using C# and .NET 2.0. My app needs some way to check the different users so I'll use hardware id, but I saw that I can use only:

mac address - easily changeable and not everybody have it // NO
processor id - using WMI it returns a value for the cpu model, it's not unique // NO
motherboard serial - not every motherboard have it // NO
the Windows's volume serial - I'm

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