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DIY Drag Harrow
by Spain in Home & Garden
Drag harrows are farm implements that loosen and cultivate soil and then even the surface so that the soil is ready for seeding or nutrition. Aerated soil is a boon to good root structure, which promotes the growth of verdant grasses for grazing. Drag harrows are also used in horse arenas and corrals because the consistency of the soil remains soft and tolerable for the horses’ steps and le
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How to Use a Drag Harrow
by kanda in Home & Garden
Most drag harrows these days are multifunctional tools designed to help with a variety of land preparation activities. They are often attached to a vehicle or tractor and dragged around fields, pastures and yards. Depending on the weights, angle of the harrow tines and field or pasture, these tools can do everything from spreading grass seed to thatching dead growth. Whatever you need it for, a dr
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What Is a Harrow Used for in Garden Tilling?
by ElMonoDelMar in Home & Garden
After designing your garden and deciding which varieties of plants you will grow, the next step is preparing the soil for seeding. Tilling is part of soil preparation, and a harrow makes the job much easier. Harrowing helps your plants flourish by preparing the surface of the soil. Your crops will have an easy time growing roots and pulling nutrients from the soil after it's tilled. Types of Ha

What Is a Spring Tooth Harrow?
by Nothingness in Home & Garden
The spring tooth harrow is a farming tool, pulled behind a tractor, that conditions the soil by breaking up surface clods to produce a finer seed bed. The chain and especially disk harrows are more common. HistoryFarmers have used harrows for centuries. The spring tooth harrow, however, was first developed in 1869, according to the USDA.
IdentificationThe spring tooth harrow differs from oth

What Is a Spike Tooth Harrow?
by Henry in Home & Garden
Although "spike tooth harrow" sounds like a tool for dentistry, it is actually a farming implement. While you may not own a farm, if you have a yard or garden that needs renewing, you may find a small version of this implement very useful. Definition of HarrowA harrow, or drag, is a cultivating implement. It consists of a tongue that attaches to a tractor or horse, and a square metal framework

How to Make a Chain Harrow
by acheron in Home & Garden
Regular maintenance of lawns and plots is essential to ensuring good fertility and that debris is removed. Build a chain harrow that can be pulled by a lawn mower, quad bike, or a horse that breaks up manure, removes clumps of dead grass that have built up, and prepares the ground for seeding. If your lawn has seen heavy use, use a chain harrow to remove clods of earth that have been kicked up and
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