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How to Get a Fast No-Hassle Loan
by Jason Merrill in Personal Finance
Just because you need a loan for cash as quickly as possible, doesn't mean you should do so without any research or careful consideration. Sometimes the only way out of your financial difficulty is borrowing money fast, but be sure that the loan will act as a solution to your problem, rather than creating more problems.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Research to find out which lenders offer the bes
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Lightweight Migration hassle iOS
by futurefields in Programming Languages

i am having a bit of a hassle, i created a new version of my context & made it the default one,
after that i changed my code according to the apple docs and it looks like that now:

- (NSPersistentStoreCoordinator *)persistentStoreCoordinator
if (persistentStoreCoordinator != nil)
return persistentStoreCoordinator;

i18n with gettext but without the locale hassle?
by Czech Republic in Programming Languages

I am looking for a standards-compliant way to store multi-language content for a Web Application. Until now, I have employed my own "translate()" functions that read data from a file or a dictionary table in a database. However, keeping the dictionaries up to date in a database table is very cumbersome if you work with different copies of the web app.

I like gettext because there is

Are regular expressions worth the hassle?
by Henry in Programming Languages

It strikes me that regular expressions are not understood well by the majority of developers. It also strikes me that for a lot of problems where regular expressions are used, a lump of code could be used instead. Granted, it might be slower and be 20 lines for something like email validation, but if performance of the code is not desperately important, is it reasonable to assume that not using

How to Remove Myself From Facebook if I'm Tired of the Hassle
by David in Internet
After creating a Facebook account and adding a group of friends, keeping up with all the messages, friend requests and other notifications is often time consuming. If you are tired of the Facebook experience and no longer want to access your account, you can disable your Facebook account and remove it from the network of users. Disabling your account removes your profile and personal information a

7 Hassle-Free Ways to Buying a New Car
by dunlop in Personal Finance
Purchasing a new car can prove to be a major hassle, as shoppers seek to negotiate the best deal without feeling as if they could have done better. You may be someone who places the buying process on the same level as oral surgery or responding to an IRS audit, but it need not be that way. By following seven hassle-free ways to buying a new car, you can reduce your stress and come out ahead finan

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back without a Hassle
by malbojah in Legal
For a tenant to get their security deposit returned in full, they must learn to protect themselves from the time that they get the keys until they are returned to the property owner at the end of the lease. The tenant must be responsible for protecting their security deposit. It will only take a few minutes when they take possession to insure them for getting back the security deposit in full.Diff

How to Make Your Own Hassle-Free Clothes
by NeoTubNinja in Hobbies, Games & Toys
If following a pattern and shopping for a plethora of supplies at a fabric store is your idea of a hassle and your sewing experience is limited, consider making your own clothes with things you already have lying around the house. It only takes a few stitches on your sewing machine, so set aside an hour or two of your time to create a pattern-less garment that will fit you well and take the hassle

How to Get the Most From Your Capital One Platinum No Hassle Rewards Card
by jcwagers in Personal Finance
There are three basic types of Platinum No Hassle Reward credit cards issued by Capital One: Miles, Cash and Points. There are also different versions based on your credit. You can earn miles on any airline with the Miles card. The Cash card earns you cash back for each dollar you spend. Lastly, the Points card has you earn points on every purchase, which you can redeem for merchandise or gift ca

No Hassle Credit Cards for College Students
by cakephp in Personal Finance
There are many rites of passage that young people experience as they transition into adulthood, one of which is being approved for their first credit card. College students, in particular, will find themselves the target of many credit card companies' advertising credit cards specifically for students. Some of these "no hassle" offers are legitimate, while others are little more than thinly veiled

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