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How to Become an Herbalist
by Ryland in Home & Garden
Herbalism is the practice of using herbs and other plants for healing or therapeutic purposes. Common titles include aromatherapists, herbal therapists and ethnobotanists. Herbalists learn about what plants, herbs or combinations can be used to treat common maladies and more serious ailments, from headaches to cancer. They can also learn what effect certain scents or tastes invoke: calm or passion
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Herbalist Certification
by Dennizzz in Education
The modern-day herbalist differs little from her ancient counterpart except for humankind's advancements in technology, science and medicine. Even in this modern age with all of its capabilities and technological wonders, many seek a return to the "roots" and a reliance on natural methods and chemistry to heal and enhance life. An herbalist is a member of a growing discipline--alternative care p

How to Become a Master Herbalist
by tl1000sv in Careers & Job Searching
A master herbalist is a specialist in herbal medicine who can advise people on what herbal remedies to use to resolve various health issues. Retailers of herbs will often employ master herbalists to advise customers on the products they need to cure ailments naturally. Anyone can become a master herbalist; however, master herbalists are not licensed to diagnose or treat diseases.Difficulty:Modera

Herbalist Salary
by Nick in Careers & Job Searching
The use of indigenous herbs and natural remedies for medical reasons has been practiced around the world for centuries. Trained herbalists offer expertise in recognizing medicinal herbs, the effects and side effects and how to manage ailments using natural ingredients. FunctionHerbalism is a form of alternative medicine that uses plants and plant extracts for medicinal use in treating diseases.
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How to Become a Registered Herbalist
by turret in Careers & Job Searching
A herbalist is a person who is trained in the therapeutic use of medicinal plants. A registered herbalist is one whose training and expertise are recognized by his peers and who is certified by an independent body, such as a professional association or an educational institution. Registered herbalists are now acknowledged for their contribution to promoting and maintaining health through the prope

How to Become an Accredited Herbalist
by Mike Bakalov in Health
Alternative medicine is gaining widespread attention and popularity in the United States. What was once considered alternative is now becoming mainstream. People are finding health benefits in herbal treatments and appreciate the healing they receive from non-chemical medications. In fact, many insurance companies now cover acupuncture and herbalist treatments under their medical care. Becoming

How to Become a Medical Herbalist
by BeeBoop in Health
When studying to become an herbalist, you will familiarize yourself with various herbs and the effect they have on healing the body and maintaining optimal health. After completing your studies, you will have acquired extensive knowledge of the sources of herbs, ranging from plants and weeds commonly found in the United States, to exotic specimens found all over the globe. You will gain knowledge

Herbalist Careers
by Ferzerp in Careers & Job Searching
An herbalist is someone who uses plants for health benefits or as a substitute for, or in addition to, traditional medical treatments. An individual interested in an herbalist career may choose to diagnose and treat patients in a practice or health clinic, or enter the herbal industry in other ways such as teaching or herb cultivation. Job AvailabilityThe public demand for herbalists largely di

How to Describe an Herbalist
by Pug in Careers & Job Searching
An herbalist is someone who combines a comprehensive knowledge of plants and medicine to heal illness and encourage well-being. Herbalists combine modern herbal medicine with established herbal healing remedies. Herbal medicine is also known as phytotherapy. Phytotherapy addresses medical problems from a physical, emotional and psychological standpoint. Herbalists train extensively in order to bec

What Is a Master Herbalist?
by NeoTubNinja in Health
Master herbalists have studied the use of herbal remedies to relieve health problems and passed the requirements to attain herbal expertise. According to the Rocky Mountain Health Institute, they use the roots, leaves and flowers of herbs to make many types of herbal remedies, like teas and salves. EducationLavender can help with headaches and burns.Medicinal herbs - Lavandula Officinalis image


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