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Migrating from Heroku shared database to Heroku Postgres; Heroku Postgres plan choice
by Techhog in Programming Languages

I am building a rails application and I am currently hosting it on the Cedar stack on Heroku. The application has a postgres database and I am currently using the Heroku shared database. I understand the Heroku shared database is getting replaced soon.

My application's database is quite big and will have data added to it everyday. If I understood correctly the shared database replac

heroku not working /heroku/commands/pgbackups.rb:9:in `<class:Pgbackups>': uninitialized constant Heroku::Command::Pgbackups::Help (NameErro
by NeoTubNinja in Programming Languages

If i tipe heroku in console, i become this:

/home/koli/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p0@onemore/gems/heroku-1.13.1/lib/heroku/commands/pgbackups.rb:9:in `': uninitialized constant Heroku::Command::Pgbackups::Help (NameError)

from /home/koli/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p0@onemore/gems/heroku-1.13.1/lib/heroku/commands/pgbackups.rb:6:in `<module:Com

How can I calculate data for a boxplot (quartiles, median) in a Rails app on Heroku? (Heroku uses Postgresql)
by sordumsoruyu in Databases

I'm trying to calculate the data needed to generate a box plot which means I need to figure out the 1st and 3rd Quartiles along with the median. I have found some solutions for doing it in Postgresql however they seem to depend on either PL/Python or PL/R which it seems like Heroku does not have either enabled for their postgresql databases. In fact I ran "select lanname from pg_language;" an

Is there a benefit to Rails apps being compiled to slugs outside of Heroku? Can you make a non-Heroku slug?
by CodeAndLearn in Network & Servers

Is there a spec, whitepaper, anything at all out there, regarding what a slug is in the Heroku context? I've always noticed how Heroku compiles Rails apps into slugs, increasing performance, at least within their proprietary environment.

Is there a way to do this outside of Heroku, and/or take advantage of it within a different environment?

git push heroku - stop heroku pushing/uploading massive file
by mikko in Programming Languages

Having accidentally put a pretty large file which was not excluded by .gitignore in my working directory i committed my changes, pushed up to github then did a git push heroku up to production.

when i saw it was trying to push 100s of MB of data up to heroku, i killed the process.

I have since done a
git rm filename.extension
followed by

deploy redmine on heroku - heroku run rake db:migrate -> and I got DEPRECATION WARNING
by yarry in Web Design

I'm trying to deploy redmine folowing this tutorial, but when I run this command
heroku run rake db:migrate

I recieve this message:

You have Rails 2.3-style plugins in vendor/plugins! Support for these
plugins will be removed in Rails 4.0. Move them out and bundle them in
your Gemfile, or fold them in to your app as lib/my

Heroku - SQL query return difference results on localhost and heroku
by Ir0nh1de in Databases

I have in a table the date column birthday with, eg. the value 2003-05-01.
On this table I run the following query:

SELECT "users".* FROM "users" WHERE (users.birthday < current_date - interval '15' year);

On my localhost, the row with birthday: 2003-05-15 is not returned (that's correct), but on heroku it does.<

Getting error on heroku cedar stack when running 'heroku run bash' from cli
by Dan Ingraham in Network & Servers

I'm trying to just get into bash on Heroku Cedar stack and I'm getting the following:

$ heroku run bash
Running `bash` attached to terminal... up, run.1
/usr/local/heroku/lib/heroku/client/rendezvous.rb:87:in `fixup': undefined method `force_encoding' for "e[01;34m~e[00m e[01;32m$ e[00m":String (NoMethodError)
from /usr/local/heroku/lib/heroku/client/rendezvous

Heroku Error? We're sorry, but something went wrong. We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly heroku
by Josh Tegart in Programming Languages

Hi I wonder why one of our pages is in trouble....

I run heroku logs in our cli

And this is the output:

C:UsersRowellpeekboxbeta>heroku logs --app gentle-beach-4013
2012-07-13T03:41:40+00:00 app[web.12]:
2012-07-13T03:41:40+00:00 app[web.12]: ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [GET] "/users/assets/pb/f

action mailer gem and tlsmail gem not working in heroku after GIT PUSH HEROKU
by silvervino in Programming Languages

I'm using heroku as my host..It was working fine.

Then I installed action_mailer_tls and tlsmail.
Then I comitted it and pushed it heroku..

After that I got error in myapp.heroku.com.
The error is

/usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:31:in `gem_original_require': no such file to load -- smtp_tls (MissingSourceFile)


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