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Reach to HiDef XNA 4.0
by pmaiorana in Programming Languages

I was converting one project from XNA 3.1 to XNA 4.0 and i was getting this error:

Error 1 XNA Framework Reach profile does not support vertex shader model 3.0. J:UtadMestrado2AnoDisserteçãoNovos softwaresxnaCodigoVisualizadorXNAVisualizadorXNAVisualizadorXNAContentBumpCylinder.fx VisualizadorXNA

And after some research i found out that i had to change from Reach

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How to Stream Netflix in HiDef
by Vasiliy in Arts & Entertainment
In addition to getting movie rentals through the mail, Netflix subscribers can access to a library of Instant Watch movies. These Instant Watch movies can be streamed directly to your computer or Netflix enabled device, such as a PS3, Xbox 360, and certain Blu-ray players, so you will never be without a movie. Some Instant Watch movies are also available to stream in high definition.Difficulty:Eas

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