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iPhone — Applying MVC when the view hierarchy has a parallel structure to the model hierarchy
by skh in Mobile Programming

I have a Triangle class. Each Triangle has three edges a, b, and c, and also three angles angleA, angleB, and angleC. In addition to the size (length or angle), each datum also stores whether it was entered by the user or was calculated based on geometric relationships to other data.

Corresponding to my Triangle class, I have a TriangleSidesAndAnglesView. This view has six subvie

How do I create a User-Defined Hierarchy that includes a Parent-Child Hierarchy?
by dbrews in Databases

Environment: SSAS 2005, BIDS 2008.

Data Schema:


DepartmentNumber int (PARENT)
SubDepartmentNumber int (CHILD)


DepartmentNumber int references DepartmentMaster.DepartmentNumber
CategoryNumber int

Functionality I desire:

Hierarchical drill down:
Department -> Category

Fluent NHibernate automapping table per hierarchy: can I split a hierarchy?
by nobodyzzz in Programming Languages

I have a rather large class hierarchy that I'd like to use table per hierarchy with, but with a slight twist. My hierarchy looks like:

Event --> [specific_events] --> Transaction --> [specific_transactions]

I'd like to split this hierarchy into two tables, Event and Transaction. However, all transactions are events, and I believe NHibernate will at

Issue when quering Hierarchy to Hierarchy relationship
by JSebok in Development Tools & Services

A Teacher has a one-to-one with a Student.

A SpecialTeacher extends Teacher but deals specifically with SpecialStudents.

Using table per class in the hierarchies.

public class Teacher
public virtual int Id { get; set; }
public virtual int DepartmentId { get; set; }
public virtual String Name { get

From where can i get CTS hierarchy ? where does interface type fits in the CTS hierarchy
by Glenntoy in Programming Languages

It says there are basically two types 1) Value type and reference type.
all value types are dereived from system.valuetype

Is there any thing like system.referencetype , because every CTS hierarchy i have seen shows two types below system.objects , a Valuetype and a Referencetype. My understanding is all types that are deriev

Creating a hierarchy in my ViewModels corresponding to the hierarchy of my Views
by The_Eclectic1 in Programming Languages

I am creating a page in ASP.NET. On this page there are a few parts which I generalize using partial views. For example, I have a pair page with information about two persons on the page and I generalize using a person partial view.

When I am using this data in my controller on an action I use a PairViewModel to represent the data on my pair view. I would say, I repres

How to manage a multiple-level class hierarchy in nhibernate with table per class hierarchy strategy?
by stephenbennyhat in Programming Languages

I am trying to implement my object hierarchy in one table with the "table per class hierarchy" strategy in NHibernate. I'm getting an error with my NHibernate mapping that can be easily reproduced with a simple example. The error is:

System.NotSupportedException: Attempting to parse a null value into an sql string (column:activity0_.Type).
at NHibernate.SqlCommand.InFragme

Deserializing a JSON object hierarchy into a hierarchy of Dictionary<string, object>
by NextInLine in Programming Languages

I'm in .NET for WinRT (C#) and I'd like to deserialize a JSON string to a Dictionary<string, object>, where the dictionary value can later be converted to the actual type.
The JSON string can contain an object hierarchy and I'd like to have child objects in Dictionary<string, object> as well.

Here's a sample JSON it should be able to handle

Get hierarchy by name
by nseibert in Coding

I’ve got some problems with SSRS.

I have an OLAP-cube, which contains three hierarchy in one dimension, like this:


The structure is the same for all hierarchies.

Also, there are two connected parameters. A user can select a hierarchy name by the fir

TAGS : hierarchy name

Hierarchy XML to SQL
by Phil Austin in Databases

I have an xml with multiple elements and attributes ( you can see an example below ) and I want to make an SQL Table/Tables from it.

XML example:

<prg Id="1" >
<attrib>doesn't matter</attrib>
TAGS : Hierarchy


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