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HR Checklist for New Hires
by Tristan in Business
When a new employee joins the team, human resources administrators have a responsibility to the company and the employee to collect and provide the proper information. This includes federally mandated documentation as well as company-specific details. While protocols may vary by employer, there are commonalities among most HR new-hire checklists. Tax FormsNew employees must fill out a tax withh
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Career Goals for New Hires
by Coder Blues in Business
Starting a new job can be an intimidating prospect. You are faced with a mountain of paperwork from human resources, are working hard to memorize new names and faces and have work tasks, responsibilities and assignments that might be unfamiliar. In the midst of starting your new job, it's crucial to keep a broader perspective by developing career goals. Career goals for new hires help direct energ
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How Brink's Hires Workers
by Indonesia in Careers & Job Searching
Brink's Home Security is a global company that provides armored cash in transit services, home security systems, business security, document destruction, and other security services. In the U.S., Brink's employs more than 9,000 employees, most of whom are hired on a contract basis. About Brink'sBrink's, a home security company that was founded in 1859 as a Chicago cartage company, is now a Fort

Questions to Ask the References of New Hires
by Matt in Business
Reference checks of new hires typically occur after a job interview and before extending a job offer. Doing the check after the interview process allows you to objectively evaluate the candidate's interview process. Checking references helps you verify work and performance history to confirm you are making the correct choice. Asking questions of two references per finalist is appropriate. Stren

How to Bring New Hires Up to Speed
by PrinceMyshkin in Careers & Job Searching
The first few days are a crucial time for new hires as they get acclimated to the work environment, meet coworkers and learn their responsibilities. Those initial experiences have a huge effect on how quickly they take on their roles. However, communication and planning snafus can keep new hires from really getting started on their first few days. If you want your new hires to get up to speed as s
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How to Set the Starting Salaries for New Hires
by nickthecook in Business
Setting the salary levels of employees can be a delicate task for business owners and human resources officers. The task of setting starting salaries for new employees is equally difficult, because it can be a challenge to assess the skill and experience of a new hire without observing his work for a period of time. Creating a salary scale adds transparency and objectivity to the salary-setting pr

Who Hires Grant Writers?
by Pug in Careers & Job Searching
Grant funds are vital to non-profits, which need them for daily operations and programs that advance their mission. Grants are also a boost for small businesses, particularly for start-ups or expansions. Researchers and artists depend on grants to further their work and professional development. Grant funds are equally important to universities, museums and even to foundations that make grants. An

Do Employee Referrals Result in Better Hires?
by Broburger in Business
Employers often find better-qualified workers who tend to stay on the job longer through employee referrals. Sometimes the best way to find job applicants who have specialized skills is through employees who possess similar skills. Employers also may save money on training by using employee referrals to zero-in on people who have up-to-date skills. Employee TenurePeople hired through employee r

Strategies for Technical Training of New Hires
by Cornflex in Business
There are several strategies your company can take for training new hires, from some of the oldest techniques available to the newest online programs. The oldest form of job training is apprenticeship, which has been around for centuries. On-the-job training, often called shadowing, is a possible training strategy. Technical training through simulations or computer-based instruction has grown in p

When Do Employers Do Credit Checks for Potential Hires?
by krs in Business
Most employers conduct background checks on potential employees, but a credit check isn't always a part of the process. Generally, employers are more concerned about criminal background checks and a review of driving records than personal finances. If a credit check is a requirement, the employer usually seeks permission from the potential hire later in the interview process. TimelineIt is impo

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