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How do I make Opera Javascript save redirects to history so history.go(-1) works?
by Raghu in Javascript

I am using window.location* to redirect across a number of pages.

There are 3 pages, a, b and c.

a links to b
b redirects to c

I then use history.go(-1) in c to go back from c to b but in Opera it goes to a.

What would work in Opera? This works in IE8 and Firefox, as it should.

(* tried window.location.href too, still does not wor

Bind history to back button in Worklight using JQuery and HTML5 History
by IndyColtsFan in Coding

I have seen a few discussions for this but they all assume that there is a button on the page for the user to go back. I am creating a multi-page form using jQuery load and unload in Worklight. For those familiar with WL, this is based off their multi-page app sample. Basically, when the web app loads, it uses the pagePort to display the content:

function wlCommonInit(){

how to install 'ajaxify a website with the html5 history api using history.js, jquery and scrollto'?
by SnuggleTheBear in Web Design


initially i tried to implement the ajaxify jQuery plugin (http://max.jsrhost.com/ajaxify/) but i couldn't get that working and the latest update was 2008 so i thought perhaps it was outdated. for references sake i also came across http://jnavigate.com/.

i then came across https://gist.github.com/854622 (ajaxify a website with the html5 history api using his

bash navigating to the earliest/latest command in history when you're in the middle of your history
by tgwizard in Network & Servers

Say I am in a bash terminal and have a large history of commands. I pressed the up arrow a whole bunch of times and am in the "middle" of the history. I want to now navigate to the first or the last command in my history quickly (without holding down the up or the down arrow for a long time). Is this possible? If so, what is the shortcut key to achieving this?


How do I update a parent repository's history to reflect changes made to a submodule's history done using 'git branch-filter'?
by brtyler in Web Design

I have two Git repositories which I'll call A and B. Repo B happens to be a submodule of Repo A.

Repo B is chock full of binary files that I'd like to wipe from history. I can easily run a branch-filter command to erase those files from repo B's history. That's not my problem.

My problem is that, after running branch-filter on repo B, thousands of commits in repo A will

Middle School History Day Projects on Debate & Diplomacy in History
by asp.net in Education
National History Day is a program that allows students to learn about historical research. Each year a new theme is unveiled and participants complete research using both primary and secondary sources. The theme for 2011 is "Debate and Diplomacy: Successes, Failures, Consequences." This research culminates in a project entered into a competition, first at the local level, and then on to state and

Access IPython's profile history (history.sqlite)
by yarry in Programming Languages

When I restart IPython, I can access the input from my last session by pressing the up- and down-keys. I found that the history specific to a profile is saved in ~/.config/ipython/profile_profilename/history.sqlite.

Is there a way to access this history in the same easy fashion as the %history command?

The IPython reference describes the feature here: http:/

How to Bring Your Family History to Life Through Social History
by Pug in Relationships & Family
Knowing that your great-great-grandmother was born in Ireland in the 1800s is history. Knowing the type of clothes she wore, the typical home in her childhood town, the food she prepared for her family and the games they played to ward off boredom on cold Irish nights are the details that turn history into a beloved family story. Social history, or the study of the lives of ordinary people during

History API breaking when leaving page with History.JS script
by SystemOverclock in Web Design

I have the same problem with History.Js breaking whenever I return to the page that uses History API.

Steps to reproduce:

Visit http://ajax-pagination-html5.heroku.com/
Search for "tron"
Click on any result
Click back (only ajax is returned!)

How to Bring History to Life During Black History Month
by Koen Willemse in Holidays & Celebrations
Black History Month is every February in the United States. This is the time when cities, towns and communities acknowledge the contributions and achievements of African-Americans. But it can be difficult for some people to appreciate Black History by just reading a book. Here are some ways you can bring Black History Month to life.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Make a timeline of African-Amer


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