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How do I make Opera Javascript save redirects to history so history.go(-1) works?
by Raghu in Javascript

I am using window.location* to redirect across a number of pages.

There are 3 pages, a, b and c.

a links to b
b redirects to c

I then use history.go(-1) in c to go back from c to b but in Opera it goes to a.

What would work in Opera? This works in IE8 and Firefox, as it should.

(* tried window.location.href too, still does not wor

how to install 'ajaxify a website with the html5 history api using history.js, jquery and scrollto'?
by SnuggleTheBear in Web Design


initially i tried to implement the ajaxify jQuery plugin (http://max.jsrhost.com/ajaxify/) but i couldn't get that working and the latest update was 2008 so i thought perhaps it was outdated. for references sake i also came across http://jnavigate.com/.

i then came across https://gist.github.com/854622 (ajaxify a website with the html5 history api using his

Bind history to back button in Worklight using JQuery and HTML5 History
by IndyColtsFan in Coding

I have seen a few discussions for this but they all assume that there is a button on the page for the user to go back. I am creating a multi-page form using jQuery load and unload in Worklight. For those familiar with WL, this is based off their multi-page app sample. Basically, when the web app loads, it uses the pagePort to display the content:

function wlCommonInit(){

bash navigating to the earliest/latest command in history when you're in the middle of your history
by tgwizard in Network & Servers

Say I am in a bash terminal and have a large history of commands. I pressed the up arrow a whole bunch of times and am in the "middle" of the history. I want to now navigate to the first or the last command in my history quickly (without holding down the up or the down arrow for a long time). Is this possible? If so, what is the shortcut key to achieving this?


How do I update a parent repository's history to reflect changes made to a submodule's history done using 'git branch-filter'?
by brtyler in Web Design

I have two Git repositories which I'll call A and B. Repo B happens to be a submodule of Repo A.

Repo B is chock full of binary files that I'd like to wipe from history. I can easily run a branch-filter command to erase those files from repo B's history. That's not my problem.

My problem is that, after running branch-filter on repo B, thousands of commits in repo A will

Middle School History Day Projects on Debate & Diplomacy in History
by asp.net in Education
National History Day is a program that allows students to learn about historical research. Each year a new theme is unveiled and participants complete research using both primary and secondary sources. The theme for 2011 is "Debate and Diplomacy: Successes, Failures, Consequences." This research culminates in a project entered into a competition, first at the local level, and then on to state and

How to Bring History to Life During Black History Month
by Koen Willemse in Holidays & Celebrations
Black History Month is every February in the United States. This is the time when cities, towns and communities acknowledge the contributions and achievements of African-Americans. But it can be difficult for some people to appreciate Black History by just reading a book. Here are some ways you can bring Black History Month to life.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Make a timeline of African-Amer

Access IPython's profile history (history.sqlite)
by yarry in Programming Languages

When I restart IPython, I can access the input from my last session by pressing the up- and down-keys. I found that the history specific to a profile is saved in ~/.config/ipython/profile_profilename/history.sqlite.

Is there a way to access this history in the same easy fashion as the %history command?

The IPython reference describes the feature here: http:/

History API breaking when leaving page with History.JS script
by SystemOverclock in Web Design

I have the same problem with History.Js breaking whenever I return to the page that uses History API.

Steps to reproduce:

Visit http://ajax-pagination-html5.heroku.com/
Search for "tron"
Click on any result
Click back (only ajax is returned!)

jQuery History Plugin Error: $.history is undefined
by Barak in Web Design

I'm not exactly a novice, but I can't for the life of me figure out why something so simple isn't working.

I'm getting an error $.history is undefined when trying to run this jQuery plugin...


here is my page...


can anyone tell me

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