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How to Navigate Disney's Hollywood Studios' Hollywood Boulevard
by mikeymikec in Travel
Entering Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios puts you right onto Hollywood Boulevard. You get a great view of the giant Sorcerer Mickey's hat and are greeted with your first look at the Studios as a whole as you decide which way to go. However, don't just rush through this entranceway without stopping to take in what's there for you.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Head straight down the center of

How to Get a Job in Hollywood
by Dan Ingraham in Careers & Job Searching
Every year, thousands of hopefuls show up in Hollywood looking for jobs in the movie and entertainment industries. The difference between success and failure is often determined by how well the prospective employee understands how Hollywood works and where the opportunities are. It's a relatively unique world, with its own rules and code of behavior.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions
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How to Get a Hollywood Internship
by DMasterX in Careers & Job Searching
Interested in making a career of entertainment? Want to work in film or theater? Maybe you're interested in writing for television or becoming a film editor. If so, it may be difficult to get started, but an internship may help open many career doors for you. Most people in entertainment started as interns. The following steps provide some guidance for how to get a Hollywood internship.Difficulty:

How to Become a Hollywood Actor
by Harry Truman in Careers & Job Searching
Moving to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting can challenge even the most experienced performer. Becoming a successful Hollywood actor can result in fame and fortune, but getting there promises an uphill climb. It's not as easy as it looks. Hollywood actors audition, network and market to win and keep jobs, and they continuously pursue the next job. Persistence and dedication prevent burn-out f

Hollywood Diets
by akr in Health
Even if you don't read the gossip magazines and watch E! television, you know that Hollywood celebrities are constantly taking on strange and sometimes sadistic-sounding diets. Occasionally a diet that seems based on sound nutrition pops up, but generally the latest Hollywood diet craze seems like an impossible way to eat. 5 Factor DietThe 5 Factor Diet was developed by a Hollywood trainer, and
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How to get a job on a hollywood movie
by jeffrey in Arts & Entertainment
They say that getting a job on a Hollywood movie is all about "who you know." Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth to that adage. If your ambition is to work on a Hollywood production and you have no previous experience, work as a production assistant is the best entry-level position to pursue. Gaining experience as a production assistant can help put you on the road to your Hollywood dream job
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How to Be a Cameraman in Hollywood
by crooter in Business
A cameraman is the person on a film or television set who controls the camera operations giving the director the framing and movement desired on any one shot. Cameraman is a general description for anyone working with the camera on the set including the cinematographer, focus puller or camera assistants responsible for loading film, dolly maneuvers and other technical components of the camera. Bec

Top Ten Hollywood Restaurants
by Nick Pegg in Travel
The Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, the lights, the cameras...If you're heading out to Hollywood to sightsee and explore Tinseltown, chances are you'll want to eat in style like a movie star. Before you potentially subject your stomach to a rough experience, listen to critical consensus to find the best restaurants in the area. Bossa Nova Brazilian CuisineAlthough it may look like a generic f

What Was the Hollywood Blacklist?
by alexandruz in Culture & Society
The Hollywood Blacklist stemmed from the anticommunist witch hunt in the 1950s. It targeted a number of high profile Hollywood figures--mostly screenwriters--who had communist affiliations. Because of those affiliations, they were prevented from working under their own names for many years. OriginsThe blacklist began in 1947, when people in the film industry were subpoenaed to appear before th

About Planet Hollywood
by keird in Travel
Planet Hollywood, originally just a restaurant, was modeled after the Hard Rock Cafe. However, the company has not been as successful since opening in 1991. Today, the concept is expanding beyond the food and beverage industry. Original SupportersThe restaurant concept was financially supported in the 1990s by Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. After the company filed b


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