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Homemade Wax
by eroi in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Waxing can keep your skin free of unwanted hair for four to six weeks. Wax is used to remove body or facial hair by pulling it from the root. It takes longer for the hair to grow back and repeated waxing may cause the hair to become thinner and lighter. The technique takes practice but the result is weeks of hair-free skin. Homemade wax can be made out of ingredients that you may already have arou
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A Homemade Bed Bar
by boobytrapped in Home & Garden
A bedside bar can be useful if you are taking care of a family member who is on bed rest as it can provide a way to serve meals and snacks while keeping the person comfortable. It can also allow you to enjoy snacks and beverages while watching television or reading in bed. Although you can purchase a bed bar from a variety of retailers, you can also build your own. DimensionsThe table top for t
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Homemade Mei Tai
by tdowg1 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The mei tai is a simple baby carrier, also called an ABC for Asian-styled Baby Carrier. Its design is no more than a rectangular body that supports the baby's body, with four straps coming off of it. One strap wraps around the adult's waist while two more straps wrap around the neck. The mei tai can be used to carry your baby on your back or on your front, whichever is more comfortable for you and
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Homemade Rid-X
by changke in Home & Garden
Rid-X is a chemically based product that is used to help maintain a proper amount of bacteria in a septic tank and reduce the accumulation of sludge on the pipes that carry household waste to the septic tank. A homemade Rid-X product is a cheaper alternative that is more convenient and safer for people, animals and the environment. Homemade Rid-XCreate a solution of 1 qt. warm water, 2 cups pac
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Homemade Gun Oil
by Danny in Home & Garden
Guns are used mainly for protection, hunting or serving the public in a professional capacity like law enforcement. No matter how you use your gun, or the type of gun you use--rifle, shotgun or pistol--each time you fire one, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent rust and backfiring. Cleaning includes oiling all components and is a part of gun safety. If you purchase a bottle of gun oil, it
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Homemade DVR
by Idaho in Electronics
Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) have become household items and are typically packaged with your home cable service. However, some cable companies still charge a monthly fee for DVR service and almost all cable companies insist that you purchase your DVR model directly from them. These DVRs are often over priced and under-perform when compared to custom built DVRs. The primary benefits to building
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Homemade Top Hat
by seigel in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Top hats add a festive touch to costumes and dress-up parties, and you can make them at home using household supplies. Your top hat should be decorated appropriately for the occasion. For instance, if you are making an Abraham Lincoln top hat, you can paint it all black, whereas an Uncle Sam top hat should be red, white and blue. Abraham Lincoln Top HatThe Abraham Lincoln top hat is a tradition
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Homemade Rum
by Massachusetts in Food & Drink
Rum, originally popular in the West Indies and Caribbean, is often used in mixed drinks, contributing to its mass appeal. It may be a challenge to make homemade rum without a professional distillery, but with some careful planning you can make your own homemade version with a few basic ingredients and a homemade distiller. You can alter the ingredients in the basic rum recipe and add a combination
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Homemade Bat Box
by clamum in Pets
Attracting bats to your property can be beneficial for you. Bats are voracious insect eaters and their droppings can be turned into nutrient-rich fertilizer. Bats are very particular about their environment, however, and not just any space will attract them. By constructing a bat house with the specific needs of the bat in mind, you can create a bat house that will attract a colony to come roost.
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Homemade Fun
by onurtopcu in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Making crafts and games at home brings families together, saves money and provides children with memorable activities. Before heading to the mall or movie theater on a rainy day, spend the afternoon making a game mat. A large piece of duck cloth can be made into an indoor hopscotch game. Add other games to the opposite side of the duck cloth if the inspiration comes to you. When finished, simply r
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