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How to Sign Up to Create a Hotmail Account & Make a New Hotmail Email Address
by aafr in Internet
Hotmail is a Web-based service that provides free email accounts with up to 7 GB of storage space. A Hotmail email account allows you to keep in contact with any person that has an email account. You can open a new Hotmail email account by visiting the MSN (Microsoft Network) website.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Go to MSN.com using any Web browser on your computer.
Click "Hotmail" on the top

How to Import a Contact List From Hotmail to Another Hotmail Account
by javascript in Internet
There are lots of reasons you might want to have multiple Internet email addresses. Perhaps you'd like to keep business and personal emails separate, or maybe you've outgrown one screen name and would like to switch to another one. Whatever the reason, Windows Live Hotmail makes it easy to import information from one Hotmail account to a newer one. With just a few clicks you can import contact, ca

How to Get a Lost Hotmail Password From the Hotmail Site
by gqlewis in Internet
What should you do if you need access to your personal Hotmail account but do not recall your Hotmail password? If you find yourself in this situation, there is help. Hotmail password recovery is a straightforward online process.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Open your Internet browser and visit www.hotmail.com. Under the sign-in area, click on the hyperlink that reads "Forgot your pass

How to Recover Hotmail With an Alternate Hotmail
by patheems in Internet
When you sign up for an email account with Hotmail, you are asked to provide an alternate email address. Any email address can be used for this purpose, including another Hotmail address. If you lose access to your new Hotmail account, a password reset link will be mailed to your alternate Hotmail account.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Go to "login.live.com."
Click on "Forgot your password?' un

How to IM on Hotmail
by iNate2000 in Internet
When you use Hotmail, you not only get access to a fully functional email client, but you can also utilize instant messaging capability. Although you can log into Windows Live Messenger with your Hotmail ID, Hotmail allows you to chat with your contacts without even having the Windows Live software on your computer. With this functionality, you can chat with your friends from any computer simply b
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How to Use Hotmail on a Mac
by Steve M in Internet
Windows Live Hotmail, formerly referred to as MSN Hotmail, was actually the very first Web-based email service, launching in 1996. Since then this free email service provider has remained a major player, admits a myriad of free Web-based email services like Yahoo! and Gmail. Although it is technically a service from Microsoft, Windows Live Hotmail is easy to use on a Mac. Apple Mail, the default e
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How to Set Up MSN Hotmail
by n3. in Internet
The MSN network has a variety of interfaces designed to provide a user with a wide assortment of Internet services and options. MSN offers users a free email service with extensive storage capacity, spam filters and contact listings. When you use MSN Hotmail for email, you will find a simple, yet powerful, design that enables you to send and receive emails easily. Set up MSN Hotmail to use as a pe
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How to Log Into My MSN Hotmail
by Darren Torpey in Internet
Hotmail is a web email service from MSN. In this technologically advanced world you can get your Hotmail email forwarded to other email addresses, to your phone or other devices, but sometimes you may just want to check it online from the original website. Using your web browser of choice, you can access your Hotmail in its original form.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Open your web browser and nav
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How to Get Hotmail from MSN
by PatrickSimonHenk in Internet
Hotmail is an email service provided by Microsoft and it is open to new users to sign up and receive free email accounts. You can send and receive email messages from multiple email accounts you already own so that your messages reside in one central location for easy access. Hotmail also supports attachments and you can view Microsoft Office documents directly from within Hotmail. Your Hotmail a
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About Hotmail
by Enzo in Internet
In 1996, while email was gaining popularity in American culture, two programmers, Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia, built one of the first free web-based email services. Hotmail started as an idea to provide people with free email and turned into one of the largest email providers in the world. Available in more than 30 languages, the service boasts more than 260 million users. HistoryLaunched on J
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