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iMac G4 and iMac 20-Inch Specifications
by KaoFloppy in Computers
The iMac G4 was initially released in January of 2002. Subsequent upgrades over the next couple of years brought several noteworthy advances to the iMac G4, including faster processor speed, a more robust hard drive and the first Mac offering of a 20-inch LCD monitor. The iMac G4 continues to hold its own in usability for many users not needing industrial speed and power. As of 2009, Apple still o

How to Alt+Tab With an iMac
by ghost recon88 in Computers
The "Alt" + "Tab" command is a common keyboard shortcut used on Microsoft Windows. The shortcut allows you to quickly switch between the windows that you have open on your computer. Several similar features allow you to switch between windows and applications using your keyboard on an iMac computer.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Press the "Command" key and "Tab" to scroll through open applicatio
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How to Use an iMac As a DAW
by Jeeebus in Computers
DAW stands for "Digital Audio Workstation." Many computer systems are capable of becoming a DAW on different levels. Some DAW systems require PCI cards or specific hardware that requires a specific computer type or interface connections. Others operate from FireWire or USB connections. An iMac is a very capable computer and can be used with most FireWire or USB DAW systems that work on Apple's OSX
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Does the iMac Come with Wi-Fi?
by Uppsala9496 in Computers
The original iMac, released in 1998, featured wired network connectivity through a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet slot. Wireless connectivity was experimented with as far back as 1971, but it wasn't until 1999 that wireless connectivity, called Wi-Fi, was perfected. Apple spearheaded the Wi-Fi generation, offering it as an option on all of its new laptop computers beginning in 1999. As wireless technology
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Can Blu-ray Be Used with an iMac?
by DSLer in Computers
Apple iMac computers are not equipped with internal Blu-ray disc drives, so it is not possible to play Blu-ray discs directly on the computer. You can connect an external Blu-ray disc player, install some different software and come close to being able to watch a Blue-ray disc to its fullest potential on your iMac, but no more than close. Makeshift ViewingIf you put a Blu-ray disc into the iMac
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How to Use iMac 5
by Matt Watson in Computers
The iMac 5 is a desktop computer released in 2005 by Apple that features the central processing unit (CPU) built in to the monitor, a built-in AirPort card for a wireless Internet connection and Bluetooth technology to connect any Bluetooth-capable device like a keyboard or mouse to your computer. Once you’ve purchased the iMac 5, setting up the desktop computer can be a matter of minutes be
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Why Does My iMac Get So Hot?
by Rob M in Computers
Heat in computers and laptops is a problem the plagues many consumers. If left unmanaged, excessive heat from your computer can damage your hardware, cause programs to behave erratically and has been shown to cause health risks. According to an article written in “Human Reproduction,” in 2004, by Yefim Sheynkin, Michael Jung, Peter Yoo, David Schulsinger and Eugene Komaroff, heat produ
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How to Take Apart an iMac
by Icecold in Computers
Apple’s iMac line of computers is a marvel in both design and functionality. Consisting mainly of a flat panel display, the guts of the computer are actually housed in the area behind the screen. In most instances there is no reason to open up an iMac, but may be necessary if you plan on installing a larger capacity hard drive, replacing a malfunctioning Super Drive or for blowing out dust t
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How Do I Zip Using an iMac?
by kodeninja in Computers
A zip file is a compressed archive of one or more files. People often zip up multiple files to easily email or share the packaged archive. By sending one zip file, a user can keep track of multiple files. Although third-party applications exist that create zip files, the utilities that come with the Mac operating system can perform this function.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Create a f
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How to Use the End Key on an iMac
by Raghu in Computers
On Windows-based computers, the "Home" key takes you to the start of a line of text, and the "End" key moves the cursor to the end of a line of text. On iMacs, these buttons function differently, and newer keyboards do not even have the "Home" or "End" keys; rather, you must use a different set of keys to place the cursor at the beginning or end of a line.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Press the "
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