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Identity check failed for outgoing message. The expected DNS identity of the remote endpoint was XXX
by frugivore in Development Tools & Services

I am having problems with a WCF Service which is being authenticated via certificate. The error I get is Identity check failed for outgoing message. The expected DNS identity of the remote endpoint was xxx....

I have seen lots of posts about this and all of them say set the dns as the name / subject of the certificate.


override “/auth/identity”-page of omniauth identity
by danil in Programming Languages

I'm using omniauth without devise for authentication, as I like it's simplicity. In addition to omniauth-facebook I use omniauth-identity to offer email/pw-authentication.
The railscast on omniauth-identity describes how to setup a customized registration and login page. But the default routes supplied by identity (/auth/identity and /auth/identity/register) are still accessible.

Federated Identity- Windows Identity Server - disable cookies in the browser
by Jeffrey Shackelford in Programming Languages

I see that Federated Identity stores Security token to a cookie, after its first request to the STS(Secure Token Service). In that case if I disable cookie in my browser, how does it work.

Does the authentication module again connects to the STS to retrieve the user information or
will it throw any error ?

Is there any way that I can use federated authentication c

Can thinktecture identity server be configured to allow Federated Identity with Multiple Partners
by johntynan in Programming Languages

I have the following challenge:

My company needs to enable SSO for a customer that has its own ADFS instance & IP in place. (in the future I'm sure we will need to federate with other companies too)
We also need to continue to support customers authenticating against our SQL database.

Basically I think what I need to do is set this up as described here http://msdn.mic

Identity check failed for outgoing message. The expected DNS identity of the remote endpoint was … WCFstorm
by Nothingness in Development Tools & Services

I am testing an API we publish written using .net , 3.5 , WCF using the application WCFStorm.

1 Run storm 64 as ADMIN (win7 pro 64).

2 select config / security then user/pass autentication. Enter details.

3 select ADD and i add the API http://api.domain.net/service.svc path.

4 after 20 secs the SERVICES load and i can see the methods.

Code Sign error: The identity 'iPhone Developer: x Xxxxx' doesn't match any identity in any profile
by Venezuela in Mobile Programming

I get this build error when I build my iPhone project to run on my device:

**Code Sign error: The identity 'iPhone Developer: x Xxxxx' doesn't match any identity in any profile**

My development code signing certificate expired so I got a new one. On my first attempt I created a new CSR and got the message above. The second time I reused my original CSR and g

Primary key consists of a foreign key and a identity and should reset identity under a condition
by micaleel in Databases
create table Linq_TB
url_id int NOTNULL,
Pg_Name nvarchar(50) NOTNULL,
URL nvarchar(50) NUTNULL,
CONSTRAINT Linq_id PRIMARY KEY (url_id,DBCC Checkident(Linq_TB,RESEED,0) case url_id not in(select URL_Id from URL_TB ))

I want to make a table which it's primary key is Linq_id and gets it's value from both the

forgerock Identity Management Solution Vs WSO2 Identity Server
by Baskaran in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to choose one of forgerock identity management solution (openAM, openIDM) and wso2 identity server for implementing Identity and Access Management solution.

I'm interested in using following features:

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Policy based access control
Managing user identities
Connecting to central repository like Active Directory, OpenLdap, Oracle

Multiple ClickOnce installations with different Deployment Identity, but same Application Identity
by Rahulmax in Development Tools & Services

We have several deployments of the same assemblies with different config files for different environments. We package these up in to separate ClickOnce deployments with different Deployment Identities (Program_ENV1, Program_ENV2, etc).

The Application Identity is Program.exe for all of them because we have a third-party component that requires the executable using it to have the sa

Seam - @In Identity identity not injecting & throws nullpointer exception
by Dan in Coding

I am using Seam 2.0 and I have an instance variable inside my bean as

@In Identity identity

and when I use identity.getUserName() it throws NullPointerException. Can anyone tell me please what I am missing here additionally?

Update: I have defined bean instance variable as below:

@In Identity identity;
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