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Is HGH Illegal?
Category : Health
Human growth hormone (HGH) is naturally produced by the pituitary gland. A synthetic version of HGH is available as a prescription drug, but its use is restricted in the U.S. Legitimate Medical UseThe Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of HGH for treating a deficiency of natural HGH, as well as for certain other conditions, including HIV/AIDS. Its effectiveness in these cases is

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How is this illegal
Category : Programming Languages
a) int i[] = new int[2]{1,2};
b) int[] i = new int[]{1,2,3}{4,5,6};

I know we cannot give size of an array at declaration . But in statement(a) we are giving size in initialization . Then how is statement (a) illegal and statement (b) is legal in java

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Illegal character in Xml
Category : Programming Languages

I have a PHP file which produces an Xml sitemap based on data which has been imported from a number of sources. My sitemap is currently not well formed due to an illegal character in one line of the imported data however I am struggling to remove it.

The character looks to represent the 'squared' or superscript 2, and is represented as a square. I have tried pasting this into a h

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illegal else without matching if C++
Category : C & C++ & C#

In this snippet of C++ code,I get the error
error C281: illegal else without matching if

cin >>k;
if (k == "yes")
cout<< "Are you sure you know the sum of those two numbers?";
cout<< "Are you sure you don't know the sum of those two numbers?
Come on, just try adding them up!";


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About Illegal Immigration
Category : Legal
From vibrant neighborhoods to violent street gangs, illegal immigration plays a dynamic but controversial role in the world. This movement of humanity prompts worries about the economy, one's family, or even terrorism. But serious responses to the challenge of illegal immigration require a sort of innovative diplomacy which is usually in short supply. HistoryThrough most of human history, immig

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About Illegal Whaling
Category : Legal
Whaling is a very controversial topic among people who wish to treat animals humanely and those who wish to hunt whales for their various uses. While the practice began with cultures that used the animal to survive, the abuse of hunting whales threatens the creature's population. Whaling is regulated by the International Whaling Commission, though there is a considerable amount of hunting that occ

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Is it Illegal to Be in Debt?
Category : Business
If it were illegal to be in debt, the whole economy would come to a halt. The fact is, borrowing often represents the main source of cash for many institutions, including government agencies, businesses and academic institutions. Individuals also borrow to meet lifestyle goals, fund business ideas and take necessary steps to retire comfortably. DebtYou're liable if you receive money from a pers

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Why Are Steroids Illegal?
Category : Legal
Anabolic steroids are the synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone. Doctors prescribe them for therapeutic use, but they are commonly abused by athletes and bodybuilders as a means to improve their performance and gain muscle mass quickly. Steroids have harmful and potentially fatal effects on the body, and they have been a controlled substance in the United States since 1991. History

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* is illegal for a struct?
Category : Programming Languages

I tried to compile the following code, but the compiler wouldn't doing because " * is illegal for a struct" is that true?

struct String {
int length;
int capacity;
unsigned check;
char ptr[0];
} String;
void main(){
char *s;
String *new_string = malloc(sizeof(String) + 10 + 1);

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Inheritance - why is this illegal?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm going through a C++ quiz. And came across the following code - it's illegal, but I can't understand why. Can anyone explain why this line:

Box* b1 = s1->duplicate();

generates the compiler error, "cannot convert from Shape* to Box"?
I assumed that s1->duplicate() is calling Box::duplicate() because s1 actu

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