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How to Open Adobe Illustrator Files without Illustrator
by Kneedragger in Computers
Adobe Illustrator is a professional graphic design program that creates vector artwork. These vector files, saved with the Adobe Illustrator .ai file extension, are high-quality images that retain crisp lines and colors, even when resized. For this reason, vectors are excellent for printed media, logos and for designing website graphics. If you don’t have Adobe Illustrator installed on your

What Is the Difference Between Adobe Illustrator CS & Illustrator 10?
by mitry in Computers
Illustrator Creative Suite (Illustrator CS) was the first version of Adobe's drawing program to be packaged together with the company's other graphic design software programs. It is also available by itself. Illustrator CS comes with more design features than its previous version, Illustrator 10. The new features include 3D tools and PDF creation options. 3D ToolsIllustrator CS has more options

How to Cut in Illustrator
by Thaweesak Suksuwan in Computers
When drawing in Adobe Illustrator, it is often necessary to cut a line segment or divide a path to create or a correct your design. Illustrator provides many tools to accomplish this; however, determining which tools to use can be challenging. You can cut a freehand path with the knife tool, cut a line segment with the scissors or use a cookie-cutter shape with the pathfinder panel. Using one of t
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How to Get a Job as an Illustrator
by python in Careers & Job Searching
In a global marketplace, where manufacturing jobs are being located to the countries that will do more them cheaply, jobs that require creativity are quickly becoming more valuable and, in some cases, paying better than ever before. Knowing how to get a job as an illustrator bridges the gap between being an illustrator and being a professional illustrator.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Decide
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How Much Do They Pay an Illustrator?
by zuz in Business
Illustrators work for many types of companies and organizations, including publishers, architects, scientific and software firms, and police departments. They primarily create illustrations for magazines, medical textbooks, computer software programs, wrapping paper, calendars and other items. Some even illustrate instructions that accompany directions for products. Many of these professionals hav

How to Ink in Illustrator
by Wesley D. Radcliffe in Computers
Inking your artwork in Illustrator can make hand drawings clear and eye popping. Inking can be a fundamental step in presenting a drawing or cartoon art. Using a tablet or an electronic pen is optional. You can, however, easily use a mouse in Illustrator instead.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Adobe Illustrator
Printer (optional)


How to Use Illustrator 9 With XP
by Sweden in Computers
Adobe Illustrator version 9 was released in mid-2000, and Microsoft Windows XP was released in late 2001. Illustrator 9 can be installed on a Windows XP system with the standard installer process and package. While Illustrator 9 is several versions behind the current release, Illustrator CS5, version 15 of the program, Illustrator 9 is still a capable vector image editor.Difficulty:Moderately Easy
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How to Use 3D in Illustrator
by Twista in Computers
Illustrator's 3D effects can make a two-dimensional object three-dimensional using two effects called extruding and beveling. The object can be modified to accommodate lighting, shading, rotation and even artwork. When extruding is applied to an object the object's z axis adds depth. The revolving effect creates depth by creating a 3D illusion along the y axis of the object. The 3D effect has muc
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How to: LP Illustrator
by toutatis in Computers
As Mark Twain once said when the press mistook his cousin's grave illness for his own, "The report of my death was an exaggeration." Likewise, despite endless expectations that digital -- and downloadable -- music formats will displace the LP forever, vinyl records continue to reach the market, and even show signs of a resurgence. Ask any designer who creates artwork for musical recordin
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How to Use Illustrator
by Michiel Overtoom in Computers
Adobe Illustrator is powerful program for creating and editing vector-based graphics. Vectors are lines and points that describe shapes and objects. They provide better quality that pixel graphics, because vectors do not lose quality as the image is resized. Because of this, Illustrator is perfect for images that will be scaled often, such as logos, diagrams and line drawings. Learn to use some of
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