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3 vertical background images appear as one image with content in center image. Center image “cuts off” and does not match footer image
by BeeBoop in Web Design

jsfiddle link: http://jsfiddle.net/djDWF/84/

The problem is, the inner container (text-padding) margin/width for the text/images is affecting the center background image. The repeated image that touches the footer does not extend to full height, and cuts off so the center and footer images do not match up (it is kind of hard to tell, but if you add or remove text in my jfiddle examp

How to lay image over another image where the middle of the image should align with the bottom of the image underneath
by LinnheCreative in Programming Languages

I have a banner that I am displaying on an Android Layout. On this banner, I have two avatars that I would like to display next to each other, and most importantly, I would like to have them displayed where the midway point of these two avatars on the y-axis is aligned with the bottom of the banner that these avatars sit on top of.

How would you do this?



how to replace image path with image in textview, there are lots of image in single text view in offline mode
by hovergirl in Mobile Programming

Images are first downloaded using image url's in online mode from html page. All contents are also stored in sqlite. It is working fine when internet is present. webview is showing all text & images. But when internet is not present, text is showing but images are not displaying. My images are stored in files. I also have image path from that I can receive image bu

Clipping raster image with a polygon, suggestion to resolve an error related to use 16 bit image instead of 8 bit image
by terrestris in Programming Languages

I am clipping an raster image (Erdas Imagine Images, *.img) using a polygon (shapefile, *.shp) following example Clip a Raster using a Shapefile. Following the example i have the Error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<interactive input>", line 1, in <module>
IndexError: too many indices

This error is reported also inside the

Image control default image binding at XAML page when retrieve image url is empty
by plonk420 in Operating Systems

Hi All
At Silverlight 4.0 XAML page (not using code behind), I'm binding Source to Image control. I want to show default image when retrival ImageUrl (from Database) is null or empty.

I'm trying the TargetNullValue as following , but not showing default image when ImageUrl is null or empty

<Image Grid.Column="0"

How to upload image and then perform custom google image search based on that image in iOS?
by nonkelhans in Mobile Programming

Smart Peoples,

I have worked on performing custom google image search like entering text and it will display a list of images ,i got that file in JSON.
I have already referred https://developers.google.com/custom-search/v1/overview

NOW I want to work on uploading image from my app and there after i want to make google image search using that uploaded file so it wi

Get updated image in flex image control after changing source not name of file(image)?
by brtyler in Programming Languages

I am changing image through flex every time i change it saved into server directory with same name(which i am referring to show). So when i refresh my page my browser didn't send new request to server since it's already in request.so didn't getting new image.Tip:- when i clear browser history it will come with new image

Image.Save() throws ExternalException on Image loaded from Stream (Image.FromStream())
by Neuromaster in Programming Languages

I'm tracking down a pesky problem and I've narrowed down the problem down and realized it only happens when I'm dealing with an Image instance returned by Image.FromStream(). I have a utility method that returns an Image instance from a file using a Stream so I don't have the file handle left open. Here is that utility method (nothing special):

public static Image ImageFromFile

Read .bmp image and subtract 10 from 10th byte of the image and re-create the image in Java
by Christopher Harris in Java

I am creating an application which will read image byte/pixel/data from an .bmp image and store it in an byte/char/int/etc array.

Now, from this array, I want to subtract 10 (in decimal) from the data stored in the 10th index of an array.

I am able to successfully store the image information in the array created. But when I try to write the array information back to .bmp

how to get saved image from document folder and show image on next visit of url not from parsecd image
by gondalez in Mobile Programming

I have one application in that i want to store icons image from from online image path (url) in local.

i store this image in local when user visit another url the icon was replacing with previous and how replace this icon for reuse plz help me out.

thank you!

NSString *strImage = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@",aBook.image];


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