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PHP to do what ImageMagick does
by scsscs in Programming Languages

I need to find some PHP code to essentially do what the ImageMagick command ">compare -metric AE -fuzz 10% image1.png image2.png output.png" does. I have found the http://www.phpied.com/image-diff/ code and it does well, but I really need the -fuzz capabilities to filter out the insignificant differences and it would be nice to have the -metric flag fu

ImageMagick & gd together
by DonMac in Programming Languages

I have a bunch of existing scripts for a site which use gd library for effects. Problem is when moving to a new server, which has imagemagick enabled, these scripts fail. Is there any way I can disable imagemagick to get these scripts working? Since this is a shared server, I don't have command line or root priviledges, all I have is Cpanel11. And while at it, I was thinking, can I disable imag

Asp.net and ImageMagick: someone can help me with an example?
by Geoff The in Development Tools & Services

maybe my question is generic. I would like to know how can i do a resize image when user upload it to my web site, and i'm a little confused.

I know exists ImageMagick ... but i don't know how to install and use it.

1.) What i've to copy in bin folder ? Only convert.exe ? Or maybe all DLL's found here http://www.codeproject.com/KB/dotnet/ImageMagick_in_VBNET.aspx

OpenCV Vs ImageMagick?
by Simon Dick in Programming Languages

I have an upcoming project which is about image segmentation i.e. to group the pixels constituting the image into clusters based on certain visual properties of the pixel.

We plan to do it in C++ and have zeroed in on two image processing/manipulation libraries - OpenCV and ImageMagick. I'm reading on ImageMagick and it seems it has lot of APIs to manipulate the image. That's good b

Not getting output while using ImageMagick
by Koen Willemse in Programming Languages

I want to use ImageMagick library for image related stuff in my app.I have made sample code for it but after execution,it only shows the spinner and does not show the image obtained after processing.I don't know what is the problem?This is the code i am using:

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

PHP Script for Imagemagick
by Zivic in Programming Languages

can anybody recommend a script which creates Thumbnails with imagemagick? All I could found were too old. It has to run with php5 and on a newer linux server.

It is important, that it uses imagemagick and not GD Lib. I already know timthumb, but it uses GD lib.

how to convert svg to eps using imagemagick
by Insomniator in Development Tools & Services

I am trying to convert svg image to eps using imagemagick. I am able to convert the image using imagemagick but image size is too high as compared to original image size and the content is not displayed correctly as in svg.

ImageMagick: Tiff to PDF from PHP
by OlioEngr in PHP

How can I convert 2 tiff images to PDF, I already knows how to get the image out of the DB, and I print it using echo and setting up the MIME type.

But, right know I need to use a duplex printer option, so I need a way to generate a PDF from inside my PHP page, that PDF must containt both TIFF images (one per page) How can I do that? What do I need for php to work with that library.

how to use imagemagick with tcpdf
by kiirpi in Programming Languages

I need to handle images in TCPDF

I get this error.. Imagemagick is installed, but how do I tell TCPDF the path to imagemagick?

TCPDF ERROR: TCPDF requires the Imagick or GD extension to handle PNG images with alpha channel.

how can i run imagemagick commands in php?
by Bjørn Håkon in PHP

i am in need of curving a text and place it over another image. i got the below mentioned code from their website and its not working; somebody please tell me how can i do this in php. My system will support imagemagick and its enabled..

convert ( newmug1.jpg -thumbnail 200x200 -write mpr:image +delete )
( -pointsize 20 -fill red -background none label:"Cottenham horse show"

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