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How important is HTML size for my Js (more important for my page load time)
by tl1000sv in Web Design

I'm developing a website and i used to use unordered lists for my navigation but some time ago i came across some article from from yahoo developer blog. In this article they explain how to improve your loading time and there are plenty of performance improvement tipps and tricks. Now i've tried to google about semantic of html and wheter to use ul lists of links or just a bunch of 'a' tags wit

What Are Software Applications Students Should Learn From More Important to Less Important?
by Ir0nh1de in Careers & Job Searching
Exactly what software students should learn depends on their majors and career paths. However, there are some software applications that are frequently used in business and students would be wise to learn these applications in addition to industry-specific software. Remember that some software applications will vary in use by the operating system -- Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. OutlookEmail is u

How Important Is BMI?
by Engr62 in Health
People want to be healthy, but there is a common misconception that health is determined by a person's weight. When it comes to weight and wellness the important thing to consider is BMI. DefinitionBody mass index (BMI) is the measurement of a person's body fat based on their height and weight. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, where a person's BMI calculation falls wil
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What Is GMP & Why Is It So Important?
by Marc Dong in Health
GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) are government-mandated systems to ensure that food, drugs and medical devices are safe and effective. ImportanceGMPs safeguard consumers by keeping harmful substances out of food and drugs. These government regulations help prevent product recalls and lawsuits. The U.S. Congress created the first GMPs in 1963 after the sleeping aid thalidomide caused more th
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Why Is a W-9 Important?
by plonk420 in Personal Finance
If you work as an independent contractor, or if you are an employer who hires independent contractors, you will encounter W-9 forms. Employers of independent contractors use form W-9 to obtain a worker's taxpayer identification number, correct address and proper name. They use this information to report the worker's wages to the Internal Revenue Service. About Form W-9When an employer pays annu
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Why Is An EAP Important?
by loki8481 in Business
Americans are working harder than ever. But life doesn't always happen on your preferred schedule. It can interrupt and make doing your job harder. However, many employers offer Employee Assistance Programs to help employees deal with problems before they affect the workplace. What is an EAP?EAPs help employees work through problems that could impact employees' work performance. These could inc
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Is it Important to Have an IRA?
by digiram in Personal Finance
If you have access to a pension plan, 401k program or other retirement savings vehicle, you might wonder whether it's worthwhile to contribute to an IRA as well. You need to consider a number of factors when deciding whether to open or add to an IRA, including your tax situation, your sources of income and how much you plan to spend in retirement. Sources of Retirement IncomeWhen deciding wheth
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What Are Leeches Important In?
by KeithTalent in Health
A leech is a form of segmented worm. They swim in water and move across land. A sucker exists at each end of the leech's body. It does not have legs nor does it have gills or lungs for respiration. Several fine blood vessels located near the surface of the leech's body take oxygen in and give off carbon dioxide. Leeches not only feed off of blood, but they eat tadpoles, snails, and other small ani

Why Is Informatics Important?
by ThF in Computers
In January 2009, one of the earliest initiatives of the Obama administration was to pledge $50 billion of investment over five years to encourage the development and implementation of informatics in the health-care field. This commitment underscores the importance of all kinds of informatics--the study of the storage, transformation and communication of information--to affairs of life, business an

Important Facts on Dry Ice
by Geoff The in Education
From school science experiments to cleaning technology, dry ice has been used in many arenas in life. Because we see dry ice being used on kids programming on television and in our favorite childhood movies, we might underestimate its risks. Important facts and safety precautions must be thoroughly understood before encountering and handling dry ice. Basic Facts on Dry IceDry ice is carbon diox
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