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Flex UI Inconsistencies
by droom in Programming Languages

I am having some issue with consistency across different machines with my flex application.

There are three things that I have noticed with my application. On my development machine (Windows XP) I can not reproduce these issues.

I have noticed them on a Windows Vista machine as well as a Windows 7 machine.

The three things that I have found are:


JQGrid Inconsistencies with IE9
by Jason Merrill in Programming Languages

I am stumped. I am using JQGrid in IE9 and it doesn't behave like it does in other browsers. This is very easy to demonstrate. If you look at the Loading Data demo at http://www.trirand.com/blog/jqgrid/jqgrid.html and select "Array Data" and look at the grid, in IE9 it looks different than it does in Chrome, Safari or Fox. First off, it has a horizontal scroll bar? and the notes column extends

Scala Collections inconsistencies
by dfuze in Programming Languages

Why is there a lack of consistency between Sets and Lists in Scala Collections API?

For example, there is immutable Set, but also a mutable one. If I want to use the latter, I can simply do this:

val set = Set[A]()
set += new A

However, there is no mutable List, per se. If I want to write a similar code snippet using Lists, which data structu

JQuery AJAX IE Inconsistencies
by dbrews in Web Design

Another Internet Explorer issue! The fun never ends does it...
This one is related to AJAX and IE. I'm using JQuery to help build a function, that pulls in new HTML content using a PHP page, pre-loads it, and then switches the content over with the old content. Here is my code below:

function showcase() {
document.getElementById("home").onclick = "";
var x = Mat

Margin inconsistencies, z-index?
by Asif in Web Design

I recently just created a website for a company, http://visionaryminds.com/ , For the most part everything is good except for a few browser inconsistencies.

The reason I am posting is an inconstancy I noticed between Chrome and Firefox (IE also had this problem but I used conditional statements to fix them not realizing the problem bled into Firefox)


PHP/Flash integration inconsistencies
by Rob Wright in Databases

I am having some consistency problems with my flash application, when I echo out variables for flash to get, it doesn't always pick up what PHP is sending, it seems to vary from PC to PC.

I am getting info from a database, and I need to pass it to flash, say for instance I need to send through 5 variables $uid,$name,$points,$from,$page , how could I go about sending these from PHP

push notification inconsistencies
by yaplik in Operating Systems

Working scenario: When I run my app from xcode directly to my device I can run a push notification on the server and it works just as expected.

Non-working scenario: I export the app to an IPA and install the app on my device via iTunes. When I push a notification from the server I'll get the error of ERROR: Unable to send message ID 1: Invalid token (8).


Actionscript 3 Math inconsistencies
by zuz in Programming Languages

I'm trying to build a calculator in Flex / actionscript 3 but have some weird results using the class Math :

trace(1.4 - .4); //should be 1 but it is 0.9999999999999999
trace(1.5 - .5); //should be 1 and it is 1
trace(1.444 - .444); //should be 1 and it is 1
trace(1.555 - .555); //should be 1 but it is 0.9999999999999999

I know there are some i

Cross-browser JS inconsistencies
by Jérôme in Web Design

I have a PHP script that allows image upload. I modified it slightly to load newly uploaded image into a modal window in order to allow manual crop, if needed.

It seems I got it working in FireFox (all the way until actual crop).
IE throws an error: "Object does not support this property or method" and Opera just chokes and does not know what to show...

I am out o

Currency rounding inconsistencies in AS3
by Octopuss in Programming Languages

while building an accounting system, I came across a major problem. Let's say I do an invoice and then, I have to apply a credit with the same amount as a negative value, I sometimes have a rounding problem of 1¢..

My problem is regarding negative values only!

Let's have a look at this script that is testing a specific positive and negative value. For debugging purpose,

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